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  1. mitsuG

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    im trying to decide what side skirts to get but the lancers dont have much of a selection. i will probably get the oem ralliart/oz rally skirts but before i actually commit to buy i wanna see how those skirts look on a lowered/slammed ralliart/oz. so any of you that have the skirts and that are on coilovers post your pics pls i would really appreciate it
  2. lancer2quick

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    Man, I didn't find ANY skirts that I liked when I was looking at kits a few years ago. That was the main reason I'm still rocking the stock kit. There are front and rears out there that line up pretty well with the stock sides...but none of them really jumped at me. I'm not that low, but here ya go...maye it willl do something for ya....


  3. mitsuG

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    Yeah dude I know. I was even thinking about considering using evo side skirts but I'm not gonna pay $200+ for them not to fit so imma just play it safe. Thanks for the pics bro.
  4. mitsuG

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  5. Jogenmaru

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    I like the k1. I was thinking of getting those but they would only look good with the full kit. Other than that go for the rally. It works for the oem look. Thats whats on my oz. Well that is the oz lip kit if im not mistaken.

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  6. mitsuG

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    Yeah i just want a skirt that goes alot lower than the rally skirt, and just to be different!
  7. lancer2quick

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    The Rally kit is the exact thing I have. Its a replica of the OEM stuff. So...there ya go.
  8. andy2964

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    personal preference has always been oem. Now you can shop ebay and ind something but it always turns out they dont line up quite right or your headlight looks off because of the bumper skirt. find a evo model similar to what you drive (my chasis is exctley like a evo 8/9) so anything from those or for those will usully work. I had 17s on mine and it was as low as clearance said it was. I personally hated 17" rims on a slow NA car. It ffelt too sport like without the sport part. Im going boosted so small rims seem to work good. I could go lower with a smaller tire but I like a turning radius. My 2 cents
  9. hi mitsuG. i have a 03 oz with the extreme dimension walker front bumper and will be ordering the k-speed sideskirts shortly. only ones ive found that i like better than oem