n00bs!!!!!!!!! Read this first....

Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by Prophet, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

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  2. Redline1

    Redline1 Well-Known Member

    funny vid
  3. Texas Aggie

    Texas Aggie Well-Known Member

    lmao! that was awesome. Wish this was up sooner. that search button is quite handy
  4. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    i think the video should be a requirement for all noobs to watch...
  5. Texas Aggie

    Texas Aggie Well-Known Member

    yeah, if you could put that on the sign up part and before they can log in for the first time the vid has to play all the way through. THEN they can post....if that's possible
  6. jae_

    jae_ Member

    Funny Video!!! hahaha

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    The video was actually funny ha ha.
  8. egret85

    egret85 Well-Known Member

    haha all new members should definitely be required to watch this video. since it seems that they never know about the search button.
  9. sirelancer

    sirelancer Well-Known Member

    +1 to that..man
  10. thetaxguy

    thetaxguy Well-Known Member

    Wait a second here... you mean to tell me there's a "search" button on this site??? WTF man. How come someone did not tell me sooner. Like OMG111! I totally did not even know that! :D

    I like when the announcer called Little Timmy a dumb ass.
  11. mikeike8

    mikeike8 Well-Known Member

    i actually found about the search button through another forum.. its actually really helpful i love it.. i know i dont have a lot of posts but im on the site everyday.. i just rather search things sometimes than bother people with my lil everyday problems lol :)
  12. chileanpride06

    chileanpride06 Well-Known Member

  13. mikeyb0y

    mikeyb0y Well-Known Member

    thanx for the warm welcome, nice vid, very helpful. i've a part of a forum before with another car i owned but i'm happy with my '06 mitsubishi lancer es and i'm glad to be a part of this forum.

    san antonio, tx :D
  14. papi2dmamis

    papi2dmamis Well-Known Member

    Excellent video, maybe I need to hit search to find my brain.. :)
  15. locke_09

    locke_09 Member

    nice video :)

    DRAGONLANCER Active Member

    that search button sure works better than that damn easy button
    500 pushes = nothing
    where are my falling items they advertise anyway
  17. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    Link to the rules has been updated... so make sure the n00bs read...
  18. l_lancer1

    l_lancer1 Well-Known Member

    funny vid, glad to see it before posting.
  19. YoshiBishi

    YoshiBishi Member

    I think the links need to be updated on this thread =).