N/A upgrades ?????

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  1. Hi all, i just got an 03 oz rally and was wondering what the best way to go about modding without boosting and having to go to forged internals, i have already installed a cold air.
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    There are no na upgrades that are worth it. But there is a range of things. Headers, intake, suspension mods, etc.

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    Welcome to LT. As for modding a N/A 2.0....Jogen is about right. They can make decent power to impress a few people...but nothing spectacular. My suggestion would be to do the basic things:

    Exhaust (Headers, downpipe, HF cat, and muffler. 2 1/5 inch piping is more than enough for the 2.0)
    Good plugs
    Performance wires
    Upgrade coilpacks (I think MSD makes some that fit)
    Bigger throttle body
    TB spacer
    Advance or retard timing
    Underdrive pulley set (Unorthadox Racing makes some)
    Good ECU mapping or 'tune' as it is called

    After that, I would go porting the intake mani, shaving the head (which could be done if you need to change head gasket)

    After that, you could go with internals...but I would stray away from that unless youre going to boost
  4. thanks for the info guys. do u know if a piggyback ecu is worth the money?
  5. Jogenmaru

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    Yes and no. The more mods you have the better is works. But its cheaper at the moment to get a tune.

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