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    im not on here much nor i ever pose up anything.....but thats going to change...i hope
    Well I own a 2008 lancer es sport TB...
    had it for 3 years now...
    first year i didnt do much to it other plasti-dip the chrome grill, then 6k hid for low beam and 3k hid for foglight...
    2nd year i bought the evo X nose front over lay and and a set of hp racing rims 18x8 +30 for about a week sold those then got a set or enkei rs 17x8 +30...sold those in about a month then had stock on for about 5 month then got some konig illusion 18x8 +35...sold those at the end of the year....
    3rd year or "now" just about 2 weeks ago i just bought a new set of xxr 527 +20 bronze and megan coils...also bought the center lip, ralliart front lip, side extension lip, and hl rear lip from rainbow pen us on facebook...kinda pricey about $900 with shipping fee and all in one piece fiberglass too...wish i would had bought poly, but that would had cost another 2-300 more...also bought a vortex roof diffuser..

    you can check my car out on,21415.0.html ..

    ALSO is there anyone from MN??...
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    Welcome to lt youngster. Glad to see another member. I didn't click the link yet to check out your ride but I will when I get home. Just wanted to welcome you.

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    thank you for the warm welcome...
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    Welcome. Can't see the pictures, just a heads up.
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    Welcome to LT!
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    thank you guys for the welcome.. Here are some pic of my car for can check the rest out on the website I posted up...I have updated the page(website that I posted up) and uploaded more pic of my car...let me know what you guys think and let me know what more should I can comment on here or on the website I posted...thank you guys for your time to read this....and if u went to check my page out..also I uploaded some pic on here as well for can check the rest out on the website I posted up...

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