My Evo X MR Tuned on ECUtek + Many Mods

Discussion in 'Evolution X - Performance' started by DirectorSe7en, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. DirectorSe7en

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    Dyno was a Mustang Dyno. Baseline before any mods was 221whp.

    Mods on my X MR are;
    • AMS FMIC[/*:m:1umfy66t]
    • AMS Intake[/*:m:1umfy66t]
    • AMS UICP[/*:m:1umfy66t]
    • ETS LICP[/*:m:1umfy66t]
    • AMS Test Pipe[/*:m:1umfy66t]
    • ETS Dual Exhaust[/*:m:1umfy66t]
    • MBC to 22psi[/*:m:1umfy66t]

    First Dyno was at EIP in San Jose, CA. Using weather correction, I made 292whp and 294wtq



    Next run was a few hours later at GST Motorsports in Hayward, CA. This was also on a Mustang Dyno but with no weather correction. This was in 4th gear. My best pull was 285whp and 294wtq



    Last run at GST, this time in 3rd Gear. Best pull here was alot less at just 277whp and 278wtq


  2. GTS_Rob

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  3. jacob1bc

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  4. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    nice and you dyno'd on a mustang!!
  5. DirectorSe7en

    DirectorSe7en Well-Known Member

    ^Ahhh, good! Someone who knows their stuff, lol.

    I was close to heading to a DynoJet just so it could read higher, haha. But I was like nahh, better be honest about it. :oops:
  6. jazket

    jazket Well-Known Member

    yeah its all bout being honest with yourself in the end isn't it... :) nice man... wow, now I can finally get my hands on an MR! :D
  7. Soviet

    Soviet Well-Known Member

    What's your 0-60 now? 8O
  8. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I am still undecided on the RA or the X, sooooo...Do you have an EMS for your X? I noticed you did this with 22 psi, whats stock? Is that the max boost you can do or is that at a safe level? My bad for the questions, I always get a hard-on when talking about boost!!!! :D


  9. Milagro

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    people have been setting their MBC's to 25 to taper to 20 I'm sure he could push a little more, but 300 at the wheels is a nice amount of power, he is doing an amazing job on that MR. not only does it look nice, but he is doing performance aswell. so a big +100 to you sir, amazing job.

    I start work on my GSR next week :)
  10. lancered

    lancered Well-Known Member

    thats nice,maybe one of these days when i get my next car*cough rex cough* :p ill be close to you man,VF34 FTMFW.
  11. JDM FLOW

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    Nice number man and Dyno Mustang are one of the best.
  12. DirectorSe7en

    DirectorSe7en Well-Known Member

    Thanks all!

    I plan on taking it to a 1/4 mile to get some times later down the line. We shall find out soon. :wink:

    Stock boost is 21 psi. The Tuner told me he didn't want to do anything unsafe until I get bigger injectors and fuel pump.

    GSR owners are doing bigger boost, say around 25ish, but he told me he wanted to be safe on the MR, so he took it to 22psi and held it there. Sucks because I wanted to hit 300whp! :cry:

    Thanks! You getting a tune as well?
  13. lancered

    lancered Well-Known Member

    Hey/\ you should do a contest on what your time will be,and give pRiZeS :D :)
  14. DirectorSe7en

    DirectorSe7en Well-Known Member

    lol, well have to see. :lol:
  15. sleeper

    sleeper Member

    guys, i`m getting 230 hp/approx. from my 09 ra atm, so a stock evox gets 221, heh, see my tail at the lights. :twisted:
    btw, whats the weight of the evox :) 8)
    ps. its ecutek tuned also :bom:
  16. UsedCarFleet

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    Thats wonderful numbers. Just to see how good the EVO can be tuned.