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    I have had this car since 2009 and have recently paid it off. With that said, I know have more money to spend on my most valuable investment (since I don't have a girlfriend!)

    I have made a few modifications in the few years I have had my car, all of which I enjoy. They are all simple mods, nothing crazy.

    My first modification was my tint. I got tint the first week I got my car. I got 20% all around which I enjoy a lot! It is tricky sometimes at night when I am backing up where I do have to lower my windows to see exactly where I am going. During the daytime, it helps prevent my car from getting really hot, and it looks nice on my electric blue Lancer.

    My modification after that were OEM rain guards on my windows. They are handy when it rains and I want a slight breeze. They look nice too. I also like how they blend in some with the black between my windows. Easy install, and a cheap add-on.

    The following modification I had were roof diffusers. I took them off because I actually want to put a bike rack up there instead now. Easy mod to put on and take off.

    The next mod I did were HID's. I have 9k Hid headlights (blue) and 4k HID foglights (yellow) and I absolutely love them!!! At the same time, I also did interior dome lights with LEDs, and it is really bright and nice!

    The following mod that I did were mudflaps from Rally Armor. Another easy install. I just lifted my car, turned the fron wheels for the front flaps, and for the rear flaps I had plenty of space to play with. Just litteraly, bolt on with a bolt gun.

    My most recent mod has been and short ram air intake by road race. It took about 45 minutes to take out my old intake and install the new one. It does make a nice rumble at lower revs, and makes a loud sucking sound at higher revs. A cheap mod that I really enjoy!

    Onto my next mod I shall do is rims. I have gotten some Rota P45Rs, and just purchased the tires, so I am slapping those on when I come back from my buisness trip. I am really excited about that! I will post progress picures with those bad boys on. I will then go on to lowering my car with some coils, and then an exhaust. I am indiffirent about the exhaust that I want. I want something that will be nice and flush, that doesn't sound ricey. Price really isn't an issue as long as it's not over a $2,000 or something crazy.

    Aside from that, that is all I have currently :p

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    Nice car bro.. lovin tha way ur hid head lights look. Caint wait to get mines nxt month
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    car1.jpg car2.jpg

    I finally went and installed my rims with new tires on 10/15/2014

    17x9.5. They arereally wide and rub on my fenders on 80% of bumps that I hit. I can't really even speed anymore for the fear of me destroying my tires. I plan on getting my fenders rolled once I get my coilovers come next payday! In case you guys were curious, 245/40/17 are my size tires. Yokohama advan sport are my type tires. I'll keep you guys posted on more progress!
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    Thanks a lot! What K are you getting for your headlights? Are you getting foglights as well? You totally should! It makes a HUGE difference!!

    As for my next modification, I am getting a camber kit and coilovers. I am also fender pulling once I have my coilovers installed because right now, my tires are so wide (9.5) everytime I hit anytime of bump, I scrape my tires. My new tires are progressively losing an overwhelming amount of tread because of it.

    I want to get these coilovers.

    Have you guys heard anything good or bad, either from someone else, or from personal use? Anything would be greatly appreaciated! After this, I may go for an exhaust. Aside from that, I got a new shift knob! :D


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