Modified Muffler Silencer

Discussion in '7G Lancer and older - Performance' started by lancer2quick, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. lancer2quick

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    Well, as you guys know I've been tossing the idea of changing the exhaust to something a little bleeding. After searching, deliberation, more searching, and more drinking...I mean..deliberation I decided to give this a shot first. As expected, the silencer caused the usual "Honduh rasp" when getting on the gas. No bueno.

    I took it upon myself to refer back to my physics knowledge and enjoyment of hacking shit up. This was the end result....Dropped the actual sound level DRAMATICALLY and still kept a decent tone with no rasp. It was pretty simple, actually. I cut the center piping from 16" down to 8". I also drilled about 10-12 3/8" holes along opposite sides of the pipe...sorry but didnt think to take pics. Anyways, here is the end result...and I think I'm going to let it ride until I actually decide on a new exhaust.

    Oh..Video was done with iPhone....held the wrong ignore the stupid screen shape. I just hope the audio does it justice....

  2. 1slowlance

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    Sounds good, man. And you forgot your phone! Lol.
  3. Jogenmaru

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    I don't know. Maybe its the phone quality of the sound but I would have to hear some kind of bass to know if I like it or not.
  4. 1slowlance

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    He means he needs to "drop the bass" in order to give an opinion.
  5. lancer2quick

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    yeah...When I listen to it on the comp speakers or my surround, 90 percent of the rasp goes away. I think it was the iphone that cant handle it when the bass. haha I'll see how my fuji camera does here in the next few days.