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  1. WGKilljoY

    WGKilljoY Well-Known Member

    so.. i got the rear shock off.. and im having trouble getting the top bolt off, cuz the shaft keeps spinning. what did you guys do? ><
  2. WGKilljoY

    WGKilljoY Well-Known Member

    nevvvvvver mind ^ ^
  3. LancerGTS

    LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    get some vice grips and hold the silverr round piece on top then continue to remove the top bolt
  4. LANCERGTS2008

    LANCERGTS2008 Active Member

    Your also missing Eibach's sportline springs which I have on my LANCERGTS2008. Can be purchased at AutoCityImports.com
  5. ItsJordan

    ItsJordan Well-Known Member

    So I want to lower my car, but I am not sure how much to lower it. I am really new at lowering cars so I kinda have no idea.
  6. mikeike8

    mikeike8 Well-Known Member

    this is just a general question that I've been waiting to ask... Would yall recommend buying just lowering springs or would yall recommend to save up a lil more money and buy come coilover?

    cuz ive heard that if u only have lowering springs that it will eventually wear out your stock struts but if you have coilovers then it prevents from that... does anyone have any suggestions about what i should do???
  7. eTXlancer

    eTXlancer Well-Known Member

    stock struts r ok unless you lower more than 1inch. form what i've read everyone that has the coilovers likes them.
  8. mikeike8

    mikeike8 Well-Known Member

    o aight cool. thanks i appreciate it. i was thinking of going lower than an inch so i might as well just wait.. but it sounds like the wait is well worth it!
  9. FitoForza

    FitoForza Member

    guys im pretty new also in this... 1st of all thnx for the post, and i have a question maybe some of u guys can help me out... Ive seen the lancers like having bigger gap up front than on the back.. Which springs would be better to keep the rear intact and just lowering the front for about 2-2.5"?? Thnx up front...
  10. lancertrips

    lancertrips Well-Known Member

    Any news on the Tein coilovers? When will they be out...
    I finally got rims for my Lancer but the gap is driving me nuts.