Long-term storage dos/don'ts

Discussion in 'Automotive Care' started by Helix, May 14, 2012.

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    So I'm gonna be leaving soon, on a deployment overseas, and I'll have to put my car in storage while I'm gone. The military offers free storage, but it's basically a fenced-in parking lot on base, exposed to all sorts of weather and such -- needless to say, I'm not keeping my baby there. I'm looking for any and all advice for what I should do to keep my car happy while I'm gone and avoid any problems when I get back in six or seven months. Around here, indoor storage and disconnecting the battery are the standard. Should I try to find a place that will start the engine every now and then, or is it even worth the trouble/money? Is it necessary to keep my wheels on pieces of carpet to keep them from developing flat spots? Any advice is appreciated!
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    That triple A storage place will keep your car under a roof, and start it once a week if you ask them to, at least, that's what they did for my car, it was only like $55 a month...however, I know of other people who just put their cars in the storage box and unplugged the battery, either way, it's your call.
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    Well, just cover the basics. Change the oil, flush the radiator, Trans fluid is usually OK to sit, and the fuel....Put it in storage with a full tank of fuel with some Sta-bil fuel stabilizer mixed in. Keeping a full tank will help prevent corrosion of the internal tank parts that are normally submerged in fuel. As for the tires...they will develop flat spots no matter what you do. The first drive will take care of those when you get back. Just make sure they have the reccomended pressures and +1-2lbs to counter any residual leaks.