little trick to take out small dents in the body.

Discussion in 'Automotive Care' started by inkedup, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. inkedup

    inkedup Well-Known Member

    has anyone heard about using computer duster and a blow dryer to take out small dents?

    i've got a buckeye tree in my neighbors yard that drops nuts from towering heights on every car i've ever had.
    i tried it out last night on my hood, and it worked perfectly. popped that dent right out.
  2. shieldwolf342

    shieldwolf342 Well-Known Member

    would you car please to explain how a little more please. I have one on the side of my car from a shopping cart.
  3. inkedup

    inkedup Well-Known Member

    1. take the hair dryer and heat the effected area up for about a minute-two minutes. (some people place tin foil over the dent and heat the tin foil instead of the actual body, but thats up to you)
    2. quickly take the computer duster with the can upside down and spray all over the area for about ten seconds.
    3. ice will form over the body where you sprayed while doing this step, let sit for a while until the ice has all gone away, then wipe this off with a cloth of your choice.
    depending on the amount of damage on your car cracks won't pop up, but with the high rate of cooling the material goes through from the blow dryer to the liquified gases in the can the body pops right back out to normal, it wont always be perfect, but it'll for sure be better off.
  4. shieldwolf342

    shieldwolf342 Well-Known Member

    hmmm thats niftly maybe ill give it a try this weekend thanks for the tip
  5. 1slowlance

    1slowlance Well-Known Member

    I may look into doing this too. I don't think I have too many, but I know of one or two.
  6. DaMizZa

    DaMizZa Active Member

    I've also heard that wrapping dry ice in a towel and wiping over the dent causes the metal to cool down and contract, popping out the dent... Never had the balls to try either method out of fear I'll f something up ... curious to know if anyone's tried it and how it turned out, I have a fair share of door dings..
  7. The Beav

    The Beav Well-Known Member

    yes please post if this works!
  8. shieldwolf342

    shieldwolf342 Well-Known Member

    I would try but i dont know if freezing cold already would help or hurt the situation.
  9. inkedup

    inkedup Well-Known Member

    you should do it in a garage, it just wont work as well.

    and it has worked for me on several different cars.

    on dents anywhere from the size of a baseball to little dings.
  10. shieldwolf342

    shieldwolf342 Well-Known Member

    prolly give this a try over the weekend actually supposed to be kinda warm on saturday 40's lol still not warm enough to paint my freaking spoiler tho. thing is sanded and cleaned just needs to warm up so i can prime and paint it
  11. inkedup

    inkedup Well-Known Member

    well good luck.
    i hate that 40 is a warm day for me right now too.

    no wonder cleveland is the most depressing city.

    and id probably just go pick up a mask from home depot and do it inside, i work with paint and too many chemicals on a daily basis and its never bothered me.
  12. Graphite Gray

    Graphite Gray Member

    How long do you have to blow dry? I tried this outside with an extension cord in the parking lot and it didn't really work :?

    The dent i tried on was near the edge of my passenger side door. its not very deep, just a small one.

    Sprayed the canned air upside down on the warm metal, watched the fizzle , got really cold metal and nothing else...
  13. inkedup

    inkedup Well-Known Member

    it isnt really a set time, i went for around 30 seconds, and its not going to work every time.
  14. WhiteAfrikan

    WhiteAfrikan Active Member

    Are you sure it does not effect the paint/body at all?
  15. bakwoods

    bakwoods Guest

    Positive. I've done the dry ice method before and it does work. Note that you'll need really thick gloves OR a towel to hold the ice.

    1. Blow dry the area (heat gun works better) till it's warm...not till the clear coat melts
    2. Apply a piece of tin foil to the dented area (tape the edges if the foil will blow away in the wind)
    3. Apply the dry ice to the dented area and slide around a little bit then hold it in the center of the dent for 15-20 seconds till it "grabs" the dent and pull away.
    4. Pull back the tin foil and admire the results
    5. You might need to do this several times to get it right depending on how deep the dent is and how long you held the ice for. However in my years of doing it, I've never messed up the paint. We did experiment without the tinfoil and it doesn't necessarily do damage, but it does mess with the clear a little bit, so the foil is a nice fail safe.