LED strip lights in foot wells

Discussion in '8G Lancer - Customization' started by SoulEater13, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. SoulEater13

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    so i was told that when i splice into the power wire of something, its better to solder than to butt connect. i know alot of people on here have installed LED light strips into their cars so i need your help into what method for an install is better. thanks.
  2. lancer2quick

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    Soldering is definitely the best method... Provides a more secure connection. Its not totally a must, butt terminals will work just fine as long as you use the right sizeand get a good crimp on them.
  3. jdmSTIG

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    100% agree.
  4. Sinestra

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    pretty much the best way. Make sure to pick the correct power source the easiest way is going to be tapping directly into your battery.
  5. SoulEater13

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    so i will have to buy a reel of wire to be able to reach to the battery, because the wire is not long enough with the current LEDs. how do you get the switch to stay in that switch spot by the driver door?
  6. lancer2quick

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    What I did...I spliced into the wiring for my dome light. That way, my LED's come on, go off, fade, and flash when I lock using the remote like the OEM dome. I should have taken pics when I did the install, but I guess I was too focused on getting then in.
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    Look for a wiring diagram for an alarm for your car. It will show you which wire is the dome light. For us older lancers I believe it was under the cabin fuse box and it was the green/white wire. Its pretty simple easy job. Just getting on your knees and maybe back to get it done.

    And let the puns commence.

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    im gonna leave the puns alone, way to easy bro. well i got it installed, i just ran it to the fuse for my rear defogger light. 10A fuse, works great. i like it, i jerry rigged the shit out of it because i got a soldering gun that uses a lighter in it and of course i had no lighter for it. so i used butt connecters and yea, it works great tho. i really need to take pics for yall, just havent had time.
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  10. evilstig4b1

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    the easiest way is to tap into the fuse box above the pedals. I'm currently tapped into the fuse that powers the cigarette lighter that's closest to the shift knob. (for my gps - hard wired it to the car)
  11. I just finished installing my own LED lights in my foot well and I got it to when you turn on either the running lights or the headlights they turn on and I didn't have to solder anything. I just used a clamp that was already built into the car. I simply hooked it up to the traction control button to the left of the steering wheel (and since it has a red/orange light inside it that turns on when you turn the lights one), all I did was put my positive wire into the power wire's clamp along with the power wire and it runs perfectly. Oh and don't forget to ground the negative to a random bolt somewhere.