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  1. evilstig4b1

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    Does the 9g Lancers ('08+) have launch control aka 2-step? If so, can somebody point me in the direction, please.

    *some guy told me off evom, that we have factory launch control and I could change the launch rpm higher or lower via the ECU. True or BS?

    *the launch control I am talking about and would want is when the rpm's hit "2-step". Hard to explain but YouTube 2-step launch control and you'll know what I'm talking about.

  2. lancer2quick

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    Not sure that it would have it from factory...but I don't know that much about the new gens. I've always know the launch control or "two-step" as an added system that pretty much causes an "intentional misfire" of sorts. Never installed or dealt with one, so my input would be useless.
  3. Jogenmaru

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    The 2-step technique is not for N/A engines. It was created as a way to make boost while neutral. It is also not factory added mod either. I haven't been on evom in a while. I forget the user that has this added in his mod for the 02-05 lancers. I'm trying to remember his name and his flash. But if you are not turbo then you can't really use it.
  4. evilstig4b1

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