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Discussion in 'Members Progress Reports' started by Lancerxi1, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. lancer2quick

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    Word. I never thought of doing mine flat black until a while back. I like it better than having them any other color.


    On another note, I hope you have better luck than I did with the LEDs that replace those stupid festoon bulbs....Worked fine for about a month and then started to flicker. Dumb.
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  2. 1slowlance

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    My led's have been working for a while. I've had one in my trunk for probably close to 2 years, and the one in the cabin for about a year and a half, with no problems really.
  3. hausner

    hausner Member

    I like your steering wheel blackout!
  4. Lancerxi1

    Lancerxi1 Member

    Time to update the thread, I installed some amber parking lights, a tsudo axle back exhaust with custom test pipe. Also, due to my bum knee I cannot serve but it's ok. I m going back to collage this next year to major in forensics. Also I m planning to sell my lancer for a 2013 Kawasaki ninja 300 (black on black) with some goodies when I buy it this next year.
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  5. SilentCool

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    Car looked good, I'm guessing you already sold it.
  6. Lancerxi1

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    Correct, hardest thing I've ever done was removing all the work I did to the lancer. I sold it for all American muscle....
    2007 ford mustang 'gt' with 4.0 (v6 5 speed)