Lancer/Evo owners meet

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  1. BladeZero

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    You asked for it you got it, presenting Orlando's own: Lancer Owners Day meet up on Saturday October 20th from 9:30 -12:00 sponsored by Fountain Mitsubishi, 5 Hour Energy, and Mech Tec Institute. This meet is for all of us to come out and meet each other locally and we will welcome all models (not a car show so nobody is judging you). I Will be adding and event on the Florida Lancers FB page to invite everyone so we can get a good head count. The more people that show the more we can add to make this the best Orlando meet in some time. Any Comments/Concerns just reach out to me on FB http://www.facebook....on.jones.391420
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    Post to the lt facebook and ill share it also

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  3. BladeZero

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    Done sir, and thank you very much
  4. Jogenmaru

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    I reposted it on the page. I tried to follow the link but it appears to be broken.

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  5. BladeZero

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    Thank you again if you would put my email address then as a replacement for those who want the invite its
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    Hey Blade

    Ive been a member on here for a while took some time off recently since i was planning on trying to sell the car. I left the car in NY with my parents to try and sell and was sharing my now ex fiances car so simply put i have my car back and its in FL but I just realized that the NY registration ran out and until i can get it taken care of its going to be fun..... anyways email me and ill see what i can do you can find my progress report in that area.

    Hopefully I will get to meet up with you all here at some point soon
  7. BladeZero

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    Sent you a pm you should still show itll be a great meet, even a surprise or two
  8. BladeZero

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    Heres the new Flyer
  9. Jogenmaru

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    I will add this flyer to our fb page when i get home. I can use lt fb on my phone properly.

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  10. BladeZero

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    Ok everyone showing for Lancer/Evo meet remember it starts at 9:30AM some are planning to meet at Florida Mall at 9:15 to roll in together, so lets do this!!! Also Mech Tec has a nice surprise setup for those who are showing up I think you guys might like it
  11. BladeZero

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    Thanks to everyone that showed, even though there was only 6 of us (5 actually a 3GT showed up) it was fun hanging out with everyone. Thanks to Brian at Fountain for providing coupons for Lancer accessories from the dealer and the grab bags. And thanks to Mech Tech for bringing over thier racing simulator for us. Hopefully we can get another one going and have a much greater turnout
  12. Jogenmaru

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    Was there any pictures taken?

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  13. 1slowlance

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    Only 6? It seemed like it was a bigger deal than that. Lol.
  14. BladeZero

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    Nope no real point too, I did get a 20sec vid with Mech Tech's F1 sim which was BOSS!!!

    You'd think with the way I was trying to promote it -_-;