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Discussion in 'Members Progress Reports' started by knarles, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Okay... Future mods;

    Tail lights, 8000k HIDs, 30% tint [Hawaii state], Custom cat-back exhaust, Plasti-dip front bumper, License plate relocate, Blue Calipers...and...

    Considering these additional mods;

    Lowering springs [or coilovers], gonna have to do some research on that one, carbon fiber engine dress up, Piggy Back ECU, Tuned to 89 Octane, and... more ideas to come.
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    Me too. Unfortunately just got word that they're on back order until the 28th. So I'll have to do something else in the mean time.
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    your car is looking cherry =) see you around maybe, if you see a graphite gray lancer with a evo x wing, with relocated license plate that is probably me =) a suggestion maybe is get a safety check bracket to bolt underneath your car =)
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    Thanks! And yeah I'll have to keep an eye out for ya, in any event we should try to set up a meet out here. Are we the only two members from Hawaii? And that was exactly what I'm going to do this weekend, just gotta see if I can grab a bracket from somewhere..or make one ^_^
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    there was another guy named yoshi that came here but he sold his lancer for a s2k recently. and i'm not too sure of others that go here. They sell the bracket at napa auto store @ waialae location just gotta ask.
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    Looking good.
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    Ahh kk. I'm gonna try to see if I can get it somewhere closer since I'm out in Ewa, worst case I can hit them up when I'm down in that area for a red cross meeting.

    I'm trying to spread the word out for other guys out here in the military that have gone the way of the Lancer to join up with LT. Maybe we'll be able to put together a meet sometime in the future.
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    OH SNAP! I havent seen you on in a very very very loooong time? What's up?
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    New antenna...

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    Shorty antenna ftw. Looks better than the rc car antenna.
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    great pick up shorty antenna looks so much better. You dont want peeps mistaking your Lancer for RC car.
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    haha yeah this post cracked me up {thumbup}
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    hey man =) yeah it has been alwhile. havn't done much to my ride since i last updated, but I am looking at getting some lowering springs, or new tailslights. Whats new on your side?
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    I hear that on the shorty antenna... now I see other lancers with that RC looking one and cant help but laugh because it really does look bad. :D

    Got some red LED strips on the way for the interior and the tail lights that were on back order should be here in the next two weeks.

    In other news, I'm headed out on deployment later this year so there will be a pause in mods and updates but I'll still be hanging around 8D
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    good look with ur deploy dude!

    also good list of mods i enjoy reading this thread
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    So an update for those who don't have me on Facebook. Leigh was parked at a friends garage and was backed in to, probably by someone with a tow hitch.

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    That sucks, man. I know how you feel though. Someone dented my driver side rear quarter panel in a parking lot, I'm pretty sure. Things happen and people don't take responsibility anymore.
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    Hey everyone, I'm back for the time being. I'll be going to Japan later on this year so I might be able to get some good deals on JDM parts...will figure that out when I get out there. Anyways, some new additions to my car, pictures below. Hope you all didn't miss me too much.

    Profile shot...drivers side...

    New JVC head-unit...

    2x 12" Rockford Fosgate P1s...

    Powering the P1s I have a Kenwood 1000w amp under my seat, nothing special, so I didn't take a picture.

    More to come later.