Kansas City???

Discussion in 'Mid-West Owners Forum' started by young_blood, May 15, 2009.

  1. young_blood

    young_blood Well-Known Member

    Anybody on here live in the KC area?
  2. Shifty

    Shifty Member

    Yeah I live in Kansas City. I just saw a White Lancer GTS with I think black rims come out of AMC30 Thursday night...is that anyone on here? I've also got a white GTS.
  3. beard_irish

    beard_irish Well-Known Member

    another kc lancer owner for u.
    black 09
  4. young_blood

    young_blood Well-Known Member

    Hey I know this thread has been dead hahaha but I'm bringing it back I'm looking for Kc lancers. I'm mostly on PL and us over there are having a meet on May 22nd if your from KC pm me for details we'd love to have everyone out there
  5. ThriceAsNice

    ThriceAsNice Well-Known Member

    That white lancer with black wheels could be me haha, look at my progress report. And yeah im in OP
  6. eva09

    eva09 Well-Known Member

    yes!!! me2 me2!!!
  7. davidlanceres

    davidlanceres Well-Known Member

    I'm about an hour and a half from KC, in the Columbia area. You all should check out www.missourimitsu.com
  8. sibernetik

    sibernetik Member

    KC here
  9. Bluezig

    Bluezig New Member

    Noob to the Lancer scene, but here in OP!