Installing Smaller Head Gasket

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    Installing Thinner Head Gasket

    So, my friend and I are thinking of doing this. YES, when I am done with it all, there will be a dyno tune sheet. Don't flip! LOL. But really, should I go about this? I will be talking to my buddy soon about how thin I would like to go. I will keep you guys updated. His friend did did this to his M3, and the power gains were roughly around 40+hp. I don't know the whole story so... keep your bs to yourself. Thanks. Buahaha.

    Since I will be raising the compression, 93octane will be needed, correct?
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    For every .020" the cams move lower on the block the cam timing is retarded 1 degree. It's automatically adjusted by the tensioner. Obviously pros and cons.

    pro: more compression
    con: more money on higher octane fuel to avoid knock

    Unfortunately it's a 1-2% HP increase, you're reducing the size of the combustion chamber by bringing the deck closer to zero clearance which will ultimately increase compression ratio. I cannot see this being a viable mod. I've done this on my old Accord and my friend's MR2, no dyno, but also no real noticable increase.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the dyno, I'm not knocking you, I'm actually curious to see the numbers myself.
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    Thanks, bro. That actually helped me out a lot. I am curious for only the fact my friend started talking about it and the numbers sounded good. Only 1-2hp gain... not sure if this is worth the time and money anymore! LOL:) Hmm...
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    Yeah I hate to blow people out of the water however I call BS on your friends claim unless he has a dyno sheet to prove it.

    You could gain 15-20 hp from a set of Evo cams or Brian Crower cams stage 1 or stage 2 with new valve springs. The only thing you'd need from there is a good tune.
    $500-$550 for the cams (Brian Crower)
    $225 Valve springs with titanium retainers
    $250 Dyno tune

    $1100 roughly for all that. I would get all your other bolt ons and then do the cams last. This way you can net a higher HP.

    Personally I'm doing bolt ons and then cams last.
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    No worries, I call BS too! I'd LOVE to go with the BC cams, but I have been doing so much research for those and all I hear is; those are only good for boost car, because of the lift. If not, then I will be getting those! Hands down, bro! I'm almost done with all the bolt-on's. What else is there? Please let me know.