Im baaaaaccckkk....

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    Good to see yas again! Missed you!...

    So update.... If anyone remembers, I had the 09 GTS Lancer, that did the cams, headers, etc. Was kind of a pioneer.

    Well, I made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love... My wife had an 08 VW Eos that she hated. I ultimately traded in my Lancer ::tears in my eyes:: so she could get the car she wanted and I ended up driving the Eos.... I was miserable! But, the things we do for love... The sacrifices we make so that our loved ones can be happy.... (also ammo for later... muahahaha!)

    I am happy to say that I traded in the Eos and am now very very happy in my 2011 EVO GSR! And all I can say is holy batshit batman! Fun level went through the roof! I thought my worked GTS was fun..... Um... it was.... but this is like going from a flea circus to Ringling Brothers!

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    Welcome Back