HOW TO: Remove Paint From Carbon Fibre

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    I bought a CF hood last year for cheap because the guy had painted it flat black. After a solid day and a half of elbow grease and work, I got the carbon back out...Here's my quickie write up... THIS WILL WORK FOR RESTORING FADED CLEARCOAT ON CF ASWELL!!

    Tools needed:
    1000 grit
    1500 grit
    2000 grit
    Sanding block
    Rags and lots of them (t shirt aswell as micro fibre)
    Something to prop hood on so it doesnt sit on the gronund (I used the huge box it came in)
    Multi speed buffer or an orbital...(I used an orbital cause I didnt have access to a multi speed)
    Drill and powerball mini, or powerball cone
    Polishing compound
    Finnishing waxes
    If you dont have a big enough table to put the piece on, i'd highly reccomend knee pads of something to kneel on...

    Ok, this is how i got the hood...

    What you want to do, is fill the bucket with water, and toss your sand paper in. I started WET SANDING with the 1500 grit, and then moved to the 1000 grit when I realized that the 1500 was taking waaaay too long to remove the paint.

    Wet sand with the 1000 grit, BUT PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to what you're removing! Keep a rag handy and wipe the area as you're sanding to keep an eye on your progress. You can actually see the paint come off with every stroke. DO NOT STAY IN ONE SPOT FOR ANY LONGER THAN REQUIRED TO REMOVE THE PAINT!!!!!!! You dont want to go through the clear/gel cause then you're completely screwed.

    Once you have the paint off the entire hood, move to the 1500 grit, still being very careful not to sand through the clear/gel! Do the entire hood with the 1500 grit, and then move up to the 2000 for a final wet sand. The 2000 grit will get rid of any little scratches that may have been caused by the 1000 or 1500 grits. I tried to stay sanding in one direction at a time.

    When you think you've finnished with the 2000 grit, it's time to break out the buffer and polishing compound. FIRST, wash the hood off with soap and water, and then dry it.

    Apply the compound to the buffing pad and not the hood, and SLOWLY work it onto the hood at LOW RPMS! Once you arent going to splatter the compound everywhere, you can turn up the RPM's to about 3500, but be sure to keep the buffer constantly moving to avoid burning through. Do the entire hood like this. Again, I used an orbital just because i didnt have access to a multi speed buffer...

    When you finnish with the compound, wash the hood again aswell as the buffing pad, OR if you have another pad, use that. Apply the wax/polish in the same fashion as the compound, and go untill there's a slight haze on the hood. Do the whole hood, (this is where the powerball mini/ or the powerball cone comes into play if you're doing a hood with curves and corners like mine). Use the microfibre rag to wipe excess wax off the hood, and then apply one more coat of wax by hand, as this will help to remove any swirl marks from the buffer or orbital. Let it haze and remove it just like you would the rest of the car.

    Sstand back and admire you're hard work.:thumbup: