HOW TO: Paint Calipers and Rotors

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    I tried posting this at the Knowledge Base but I was not able. Maybe a Mod can move it later on.

    Neither I or LT should be held responsible for any adverse effects this may have on your car. This is ONLY for you to try on YOUR OWN risk, and you assume all responsibility of performing this modification.

    Now, lets start!!

    First keep in mind you don't need to remove the calipers if you don't intend to paint the rotors. If you are planing in doing so you WILL have to bleed your brakes after painting and installation is complete.

    1/2" impact gun or ratchet
    3/8" or 1/4" ratchet
    21mm-1/2" socket for wheel nuts
    17mm-1/2" socket for caliper base
    8mm-3/8 or 1/4" to bleed brake fluid
    Rubber gloves - paint is oil based
    Drip pan
    Shop towels (unless your wife or mom don't mind you using the kitchen paper towels, lol)
    Cheap brush - one in the kit is really crappy
    A friend and a case or two of beer :D
    Paint - I used Duplicolor Brake Paint


    Notice the kit brings a caliper cleaner, BUY MORE, one will not be enough-I used about three
    And if you want to throw it in the list a wire brush is best to clean those dirty calipers

    Ok so now to start. Set up a comfortable and clean area where you can put all the parts to be painted. I used two trash cans and a wooden board as my table. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of all parts removed but then again its a very easy mod. Clean and prep all parts to be painted. You can basically follow the instructions on the kit to paint your calipers and rotors. I used coat hanger wire to hang them after being painted to let dry. They do need a minimum of 2 hours to fully dry, and 24 hours to cure. So you might want to do this early in a day you wont need your car, so that all is set to install back up first thing next day. Install all parts back together as you took them apart (for detailed instructions if needed please dont hesitate on sending a PM). Remember to connect all brake lines back up!!

    So to my finished product

    Ok, if you didn't remove the calipers from the brake assembly your all set....If you DID, now you have to bleed your brake took me three days to figure this out and several phone calls, lol...

    To bleed your brake lines you will need 2 new bottles of DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid. I used DOT 4, supposed to be better the DOT 3. Anyhow, for those who have never bled brakes before you might want to have a professional do this, and learn from him/her at the mean time. If you think you are able to do this correctly keep reading.

    Having ALL LINES connected to their respective calipers and ALL bleed nipples are completely tight fill up the brake fluid reservoir, dont worry if you go pass the max, the level will go down fast once you start the bleeding process. Have your buddy get in the car and set the key to ON (you dont need the engine running).
    1-Tell your friend to pump the brake pedal 3-5 times and hold it down.
    2-Open bleed nipple and close once all pressure is released.
    Follow these two steps fro all 4 brakes. Many ppl have different ways to bleed their cars, some say it should be done starting with the farthest brake to the nearest, other say it needs be done with an X shape...Im gonna say how I did it, and so far my brakes work perfect. I did 1-front driver, 2-rear passenger, 3-rear driver and 4-front passenger...NOW, YOUR STILL NOT DONE!!!

    The brainiacs at Mitsu decided to hook up the clutch to the same brake you guessed it!! YOU HAVE TO BLEED THE CLUTCH!! YAY!! :)
    No worries this is the main reason I did this HOW TO...this is why I had no brakes for three days while I tried to figure this out...
    To bleed the clutch you only need your hand, and your buddy...Very similar to bleeding the brakes this time he/she will pump about 30 times (YES THATS 30 TIMES, lol) to create enough pressure for it to bleed when you open the nipple. You will the nipple in the pictures below.
    On this nipple you will also see a black rubber cap like the ones on the brakes, remember to store these in a safe place so you dont lose them.

    After bleeding all breaks and your clutch slap the tires back on and go for a test drive, if brakes dont feel right check to see what you forgot. If you followed these instructions you should be all set, I was. lol
    Hope you enjoy doing this mod as much as I did, I appreciate all feedback left. Thanks.
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    Thanx for the write up, these really help.
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    glad you liked it!! :D
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    Thanx man, the calipers are looking great
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    Done... thanks for the great write up...
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    Hey skull, i'm not sure on the cost of the caliper cleaner but you could probably just use some brake cleaner. It's a lot cheaper more than likely.
  7. skullpr

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    ^ dont worry the one caliper cleaner that comes in the Duplicolor kit is not enough...i used 2 more bottles of break cleaner to have them all cleaned up before i painted them
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    nicely done...i'll be doing working on my calipers once it stops raining here in the bay area...
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    Yeah I was gonna do mine this weekend but had other things to take care of. As for the brake cleaner I did just that,bought a couple of cans of brake clean and think that would do the trick.
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    Yeah was gonna do mine to, but ran out of time :?
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    yeah i know what it is to have rain when you least want it...but thats nature for ya...hope to see some pics when you guys finish them :D
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    yeah definitely. i want to start my progress report but i haven't done much so once I do this and drop it I will.
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    the progress report is not just to show what you have...but to keep your, shows everyone how you started out, where ur at and where ur i wouldnt wait any longer... :D :D
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    I know that but I wanted to wait until I had more pics then just shark fin antenna. lol. Cus it normally takes me about a month or so to do something new to it. Most of the stuff I have done is minor crap thats really not worth taking pictures of.
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    Heh i post pretty much anything "new" lol.
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    Well I suppose I could do it lol. I just need to get some pics together.