How To: Install RRM Splitter

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    Hello and welcome to another one of my great how to's. Today I will be installing my RRM Carbon Fiber Front Splitter. Lets get started shall we.

    Tools needed:
    Car Jack (Optional)
    Phillips Screw Driver
    8mm Socket
    Flat Head Screw Driver

    Now its not required, but if you want you can jack the car up to make it easier. I just let it go and used this so I had ground clearence


    Step one. This splitter is for the GTS model only. So 1st thing you have to do is remove the screws that are holding the front skirts on.
    And yes I know this is alittle scratched, but thats Pa for you

    Remove all 3 screws from both sides. Now its best to get a buddy to help you hold the other side of the splitter as you screw your side it. I did not have anyone so I just usedd some books to prop up the other side. Start by screwing the screw closet to the wheel, and then go to the other side and screw in the screw near the wheel. Work your way inward going back and forth from side to side.

    Now it comes time for these badd boys.


    You will need to remove this to get your hand behind it. Take your flat head screwdriver and pop them out.

    You will see the 2 holes in the front of the splitter. Use your 8mm socket and screw in the post to the splitter. You will then adjust the post to the proper height so they fit here. When you install you need to deach your hand behind the bumper and tighten the bolt. Use the large washer so that the post does not go through the lower grill. This is for the drivers side

    Next you do the passenger side. You will need to drill a hole here.

    Push the post through and bolt down

    You are done, congrats.

    Finished product


    Thank you for reading and have a nice day. I hope this helps
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    looks super sick. good job. i think i would like it sticking out more. but thats what she said. lol
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    dude sweet job man i wonder how it would look on a tan gts.... hmmmmm
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    I WISH I HAD THIS CAR! But in Elec Blue Pearl of COURSE :) Super Awesome Job BRO!

    ZEROCOOL Well-Known Member

    Nice job bro. Looks sick...forget sick ILL. 8)
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    Bitchin dude Bitchin! 8)
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    I'm confused on how this angle will produce downforce. It seems a s thought he splitter is angled up from front to back which would appear to produce front lift. I wanted to do this mod until I saw this pic. What am I missing here?