How to install Injen CAI

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    You do not need to take off the front bumper to install the CAI! All you need to remove is the driver's side front wheel, fog light, and you need to peel back the wheel well!

    start by taking the fog light assembly off!
    Then remove the three screws that hold it in place. Set the fog light aside, and take off the drivers wheel.

    3) After the wheel is removed, peel back the wheel well and place it on the brake.

    4) This only applies to us GTS CVT guys. You have to remove the oil cooler, and all brackets and replace it with the supplied new bracket.

    5) After the oil cooler is in place take off stock intake or RRM SRI like I did! :)

    6) Place the black couple on the throttle body, and tighten.

    7) Next place the chrom or black intake pipe on the throttle body couple. Then bolt to frame.

    8) for this part I found it easier to insert the black rubber pipe up from the bottom, instead of dropping in from the top. Clamp down and move on.

    9) Place small chrome or black piece on to black rubber pipe and bolt to frame.

    10) I found it easier to put the hydro shield on the filter and then place filtter on intake.

    11) Replace all pieces and reconnect battery. Turn on car and let run for about 15 min.

    I hope this helps you guys. It took about an hour to install.

    Finished Product.
    [​IMG] Write up provided by: EvolutionXMR
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    WOW. Someone finally agrees with me! lmao! I keep telling people, you DO NOT need to remove the bumber. smh
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    YEAH BUDDY. IMG_1398.jpg