How To install an OEM Evo X Front License Plate Bracket

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    How To install an OEM Evo X Front License Plate Bracket

    Things you will need;
    Phillips screwdriver
    13MM drill bit (Must have, go out and buy)
    3/32 drill bit (negotiable, anything small for a pilot hole)
    OEM bracket
    Second set of hands makes this project easier

    Here is what comes with a license plate bracket from an 08 Evolution.
    Bracket, 3x rubber compression screws, paper guides.

    I used my second set of hands to slide the bracket left and ride to find where the bracket’s curve lines up with the car.

    Put a little bit of pressure on the bracket to keep it against the car to see how it will install smoothly.

    Once I found the exact position I then drilled a pilot hole on the hole all the way to the left.

    Then use the 13MM drill bit and fit the rubber piece into the hole.

    Then place the bracket over the rubber and then insert the Phillips machine screw and tighten it, this will compress the rubber and secure the bracket to the car.

    Final product!!!
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    ouh i need this this time. i can't see the pics
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    Yeah I can't see the pics either, too bad too because I just ordered a mount so I would like to see what you were posting