How to install a radar detector and conceal the power wires.

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    How to install a radar detector and conceal the power wires.

    Sharp small flat head
    10mm socket and ratchet
    Phillips screwdriver
    Hanger from dry cleaners or picture wire
    Extra wire for power.

    End result, Radar detector located at the top of your windshield and the wires concealed.

    Remove the sun visor screws and pull off the sunvisor.
    Be careful while removing to make sure you pull from the backside so you don’t snap the front inserts.

    Remove the surround from your sunroof, you only need to pull a little bit to have it slide off.

    Remove this “bolt†by unscrewing and pulling it straight off, it’s not a real threading so most of its removal is from pulling it off.

    Here is a pop tab that should have popped out, I removed it and inserted it back into the panel so when I completed the project I could press the panel back in. (it's supposed to attach to the panel like the photo below.

    Here is another pop tab, just pull this panel out to gain access.

    I used some picture hanger wire that I pushed in from the sunroof side to try to hook the wire from radar detector.

    Here is the wire after I pulled it thru.

    Now to remove the center pillar panel you need to use a 10mm socket to remove 2 bolts. One at the top,

    And one at the bottom.

    Once you remove the bolts you can then just pull on the panel to remove it.

    I then ran the wire hook from the outside towards the sunroof to pull the wire to the other side.

    I used this bolt to ground out the radar detector so I only needed to run one long wire for the power.

    I Connected up an extension and wrapped it in electrical tape to protect it.
    While assembling everything, Make sure that the rubber surround goes into the groove on the panel on the right in the photo.

    I chose this outlet to source power from since it powers on when you start the car. I have an inline fuse to protect the radar detector.


    ALL DONE! And complete!!
    Hopefully the airbags never inflate because it’s likely that the radar detector in that placement will hit me in the head.
    And thankfully no ugly wires showing!
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    Thank you. but for some reason the pictures are not loading completely. or is it just me?
  3. spiderman671

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    never mind... i just had to reload the page :D
  4. Slickghost

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    I want to do it as well but I want to center it next to the rear view but running into two issues:

    1. Finding a switched 12v source on the GTS in the roof mounted map lights


    2. Getting rid of the stupid dot matrix pattern on the windshield.

    It looks good, I think I'll spend next weekend trying to get it done to mine.
  5. lancer08guy

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    thinking about getting a do you like your dude just brought his escort and he says that it was rated higher than the V1 this yr..just wondering your opinion..
  6. kennyjai

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    noob question what is this used for? =S
  7. firebretha

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    the v1 is the only radar detector worth the money.

    whats the point at hearing something beep when you dont know what direction its coming from.
    If its behind you going the other direction it doesnt matter, if its coming at you, you need to know.

    V1 no question hands down.
  8. eKtor

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    what if i dont have a sunroof?

    great write up btw :D
  9. firebretha

    firebretha Well-Known Member

    Longer wire....


    haha :) Happy to help!!!
  10. SeRious08

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    It will not interfer with the airbags. I repeat, the airbags will not hit the radar detector if it is located on the windshield.

    DRAGONLANCER Active Member

    I'd reccomend placing the detector just belo th rear veiw mirror i always placed mine there and it is easy to see and hear . yet it doesn't distract you or block any rear viewing space because it kinda blends in with the mirror shape .

  12. Homie

    Homie Well-Known Member

    I have a beltronics sti-driver and M45 blinder set up linked to my cheeta gps mirror. It's quite the setup.

    The V1 sounds like an impressive unit though. I like that it displays the direction of the signal. Makes me wanna have another unit hooked in.
  13. skullpr

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    good write.....but just so ppl that dont want to go through all the hazzel or cant, which is my case, I have my radar sitting on the opening where you have the 12v outlet and the ashtray....I just pressed the suckers up on the top and voila....its true that every now and then one of the suckers turns loose, but I just push it back up....reason I did it this way is, since Im military every time I would go on post the MP's saw the radar on the windshield they would tell me to remove it....this way it not in they view and I have no worries....
  14. omgitszali

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    i'm completely new to this website and i'm so glad i found it :-D .. where can i find these radars?
  15. skullpr

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    most auto parts sell these....i got mine off ebay!!
  16. AeJarrotto

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    good write up, i was thinking about doing something similar to other posts, and wiring it the map lights, but this is excellent as another option. :D