HOW TO: change your fog lights

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  1. eKtor

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    Hello Everybody!

    Today I'm going to talk about how to change your fog lights... Basically how to take on and off your fog light housing...


    1.) First you need some tools:

    You need a philips screw driver, the manual (if you want to), and a beer... NOTE: it IS mandatory to have a beer... it is recommended a 24 pack, but one will do it for the first half of the first fog light :D


    2.) Unscrew the only visible screw on the outside of the housing.. the otherone that is kinda hidden is to level them.. DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!!! After the screw is off, pull on the grill and it will come right off


    3.) After having the grill off, proceed to unscrew the 3 screws holding the actual fog light housing.


    After this step, you may feel a lil bit dizzy and unstable.. thats completely understandable, you NEED beer... take a gulp and lets move on :D


    4.) After feeling better, proceed to pull out gently the housing... as you can see, the cable doesnt have a lof of slack so be careful


    5.) After you pull it out, take out the lamp gentle.. pull the plug gently pressing the clips.....


    6.) Then just plug your replacement... in my case, im using a 3000K Yellow TINTED lamp...


    7.) after that, hook the lamp back to the housing... mine looks like this after installing...


    8.) Now put the housing back, with the 3 screws... basically step number 3 backwards...

    After this step you might face a horrible problem like i did...


    you NEED to run inside and get another beer for your own good

    9.) Now grab the grill.. this is very important because you can break it if you are not paying attention... you need to align the 2 prongs at the far end with the hole...


    10.) now close it and screw it back up...


    11.) Now proceed to the other fog light repeating steps 2 - 10

    AND YOUR DONE!!! :D :D :D

    This is how they like at 1pm with alota sunlight...


    this is how they look at night:




    autobot, farmer and lancerGTS have seen them so they can be the judges :)

    hopefully this helps.. thanx for your time :)
  2. gatzaraki

    gatzaraki Well-Known Member

    eres un trangalanga :lol: :lol: :lol: good info bro,about the beer that is,.i'm looking for fog lights but don't want to pay $300 for them .any ideas?
  3. topher

    topher Well-Known Member

    have you thought of changing your running lights/(city lights) to LED so they match up with your HID's ???
  4. eKtor

    eKtor Well-Known Member

    yea.. im doing it whenever i get money haha...

    mera tipoooo jajaj.... i spent 28 bux on thos yeallow.. they are not HIDs
  5. Dukekid0987

    Dukekid0987 Well-Known Member

    ^gatzaraki i just got my fog lights about a week ago. i got them from very bright love the look =)
  6. eKtor

    eKtor Well-Known Member

    Very nice!!!

    man the ebay user that i bought my fogs from is a SOB!!!

    i ordered a set of headlamps for my GFs Mazda 3 on november 8th.. and i havent got them yet, and he doesnt answer the email.. i already reportede him to ebay and paypal... whenever this is over, i will post his name around.. cause right now for me he is a thief :x
  7. mb978n

    mb978n Well-Known Member

    Ektor wicked write up dude.... just wanted to point out that you do not need to remove the entire fog light to replace the bulb. You only need to remove the black grill cover and that opens access to reach your hand behind the foglight. (only reason why i mention that is because its a pain in the a** to take out the screws that hold the light in place.
  8. Texas Aggie

    Texas Aggie Well-Known Member

    just because installing fog lights requires drinking beer, i'm gna do
  9. ChokingChicken

    ChokingChicken Well-Known Member


    You guys sure are deprived down there. I feel for ya :salute:
  10. ItsJordan

    ItsJordan Well-Known Member

    Can I use this process to install fog lights. Cause I don't see a spot on my car for them at all. So if I just do this process can I do the wiring of the lights and all and mount the base for the light and all in there myself?
  11. Sollis

    Sollis Active Member

    I'd also be interested in this, I noticed that on ebay some of the auctions for the OEM fog lights say that you need to go to the dealer to get them to actually work after being installed which makes me wonder if its true or if they will be just plug and play. I don't have the spare cash to actually test it out yet :?
  12. eKtor

    eKtor Well-Known Member

    well you can use it.. you just have to take the grill that is covering where the fog light goes and go from there... you would have to see if it is prewired for fog lights tho.. that i wouldnt know...
  13. 09lancermatt153

    09lancermatt153 Well-Known Member

    ektors headlights

    hey ektor what kind of headlight do you have. thats the best looking lights iv seen
  14. Badtzmaru2689

    Badtzmaru2689 Member

    nice write up

    nice write up i just installed my yellow foglights
  15. AeJarrotto

    AeJarrotto Well-Known Member

    nice writeup. I'm like 99% sure it is prewired, you have to go to the dealer to reflash your ECU for the fogs to function. for the OEM you would also install a new switch off of the steering wheel with the added fog light switch... otherwise you could use a dash switch for some of the replacement "OEM LOOK" ones on ebay, etc.
  16. eKtor

    eKtor Well-Known Member

    Re: ektors headlights

    10,000K HIDs
  17. Zyro

    Zyro New Member

    Does anyone know around how much a dealer would charge to activate the fog lights? I just installed factory OEM fogs I ordered from RCHill Mitsubishi (Ebay Store for authorized parts) but I don't live close enough to an actual mitsu dealer to ask (not without having to drive over 100 miles.)