Hi Ricoo From Singapore .

Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by Ricoo, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Ricoo

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  2. Nemo420

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    hello, and welcome to the site-
  3. lancermike

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    welcom to lancer tuners bro
  4. Automoglow

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    wow welcome to the site!
  5. Milagro

    Milagro Well-Known Member

    Welcome :)
  6. lancered

    lancered Well-Known Member

    welcome again!
  7. ChokingChicken

    ChokingChicken Well-Known Member

    nice to see you finally made it! welcome
  8. thetaxguy

    thetaxguy Well-Known Member

    So...when are you going to start shipping your bodykits stateside?
  9. hockygoalie41

    hockygoalie41 Well-Known Member

    welcome again buddy haha
  10. Invincible

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    hello and welcome to the forums ricoo 8)
    enjoy your stay here
  11. Evolve

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  12. Ricoo

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    Hey i am feeling so at home even i am Thousands miles away from u guys !
    Thank u all for accepting me to your big family. :D :D :D
  13. spiderman671

    spiderman671 Guest

    welcome to the lancer tuners community!
  14. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Love your car and kit. Welcome!

    Also, give me your rear end (sicko, I meant your car!)
  15. kennyjai

    kennyjai Well-Known Member

    welcome.... again..!!!!
  16. BigSteve

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  17. Ricoo

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    Hi sorry can't say anything about my rear end here !
  18. Ricoo

    Ricoo Active Member

    Hi ,i will PM u all, uknow what iam saying...........
  19. nanonyc

    nanonyc Well-Known Member

    welcome to LT man... hope you make this your new home... becouse we are like a family here....
  20. lancermike

    lancermike Well-Known Member

    what happened to the topic bout ur kit did it get locked?