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Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by Austin, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member

    hey everyone im austin. leader of Overdrive car club of nj. I just ruined my mustang somehow and thank god, ive been wanting a lancer for the past ohh say 4 or 5 years and now i can get one. im shooting for an evo but i doubt i can afford such a machine. so ill stick with the regular lancers and upgrade it over time. any suggestions? and if anyone has any ideas on how to customize the extieror or interior please let me know. im new to the import game but the game is sweet! :D
  2. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to LT.com!!!! Did you get a lancer yet? It really depends on what you want for modding...performance, audio, bodykits and the likes.
  3. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member


    i havent got it yet but im going to have one hopefully within the month.

    i would really like to focus on a nice body kit and some engine work. maybe some custom paint to make it stand out and get some attention to the car club since were new and all. but i really wana get to know the people here and learn about this car its amazing.
  4. nanonyc

    nanonyc Well-Known Member

    welcome to LT... I have an ES... is the very basic one... but I love it... Its manual tranny .... I just started doing some work on it... Intake.. audio system and so.... but I think you are better off with the regular lancer... and with extra money add better after market parts .... (after they come out) since I hear it would cost you an arm and part of a leg when it comes to insurance for an Evo... other than that... we are good... LOL.... Good luck...!!!
  5. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member

    Thx! the ES is what u recommend? how is that on insurance, im sure its not bad right? and just to start off i just want to do little upgrades till i get the cash to make it nice enough to get sponcerd so i can look good in a nopi show or something well mainly just on the street to :p

    i was gona go with: cold air intake, smoked windows,black paint, Overdrive Car Club clear coated into the paint, Green Neons underbody and inside the car and minor stuff
  6. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member

    im so happy i found this site lol, and its active with nice members. accept for my mustang problems life is getting pretty sweet :lol:
  7. Conduct

    Conduct Well-Known Member

    Well are you looking at an 08 or an older version?
  8. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member

    preferably the 08 and no lower then an 07

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    Welcome and congrats when you get your baby, meaning 08 lancer if you decide to get one.
  10. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member

    thx thx! im researching right now i think i want that 08 baby :)
  11. blacksheep818

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  12. Nemo420

    Nemo420 Well-Known Member

    welcome to the site-
  13. DaytonaLancer

    DaytonaLancer Well-Known Member

    Well it depends on what you want, the base model is the DE and th ES is the upgraded version of the DE with more ammenities like cruise control and whatnot. The GTS has the body kit and Aero package, but if your gonna get a body kit anyway, it might be pointless for you. Alot of ppl like the stock GTS 18" rims tho.

    Insurance is pretty good since the Lancer is a sedan rather than a sports car, or a coupe. Alot of us are getting pretty good rates, as long as you have a good insurance company, and a semi clean record.

    What color you looking at anyway?
  14. DaytonaLancer

    DaytonaLancer Well-Known Member

    Oh, and i almost forgot. Welcome to the site!! This def helps with keeping up with new mods coming out. I had no idea companies like Speed Corps or Road Race Motorsports even existed before i joined the site! Enjoy my friend, enjoy!
  15. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member

    :) thx alot bud!

    and i was thinking of getting Tarmac black or the red. eventually ill paint it custom 2 tone. and yea im really happy with the info and feedback here. everyone is supportive to. with the mustangs its totaly diffrent lol i should of listned to my brother, he had a tiburon and a mazda 3 n loved them now he wants an evo, hes a cop so he can afford that, me on the other hand lol. so does the DE have power windons and locks? i know that was out of the blue question :p also can i get it in manule? and i might just buy rims seperate
  16. elfy

    elfy Well-Known Member

    welcome and enjoy.
  17. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member

    thx elfy, btw my girlfriend is crazy about ur car lol
  18. DaytonaLancer

    DaytonaLancer Well-Known Member

    Interesting question. Im pretty sure that they are out there. They do have DEs with the full power package and keyless entry and all. But as far as i understand, there usually are more ESs then DEs on Mitsubishi lots. My dealer had 3 DEs, 32 ESs and 4 GTSs. It all about what youll find on the lot.

    And you can get a manual 5 Speed on both the DE and ES.
  19. Austin

    Austin Well-Known Member

    thx daytona,

    im gona have to hit up kerbeck mitsu tomorrow afternoon to see waht they got, ill probably get a ES or a GTS, be much easier to upgrade from them then the DE i suppose
  20. DaytonaLancer

    DaytonaLancer Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily. Just get the amenities that you want. Ive got a DE, and i wish i had power locks or cruise control, but as far as tuning, it will all be basically the same. But no problem man, youll find that most of us here are more than willing to help.