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  1. xhntrgrlx

    xhntrgrlx Member im kinda new to the car stuff..being a girl and all..what would be the best way to wire my wheel well neons into my 02 OZ?:)
  2. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    Hey @Lancer2Quick you got lights on yours right?
  3. lancer2quick

    lancer2quick Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I had lights back in the day....

    If you're doing some wheel-well lights, I would run the power directly from the battery. A single wire from the battery leading into a manual switch, into a distribution block, and individual power to each light. It is hard to explain...I'll see if I can dig up a diagram for you...
  4. xhntrgrlx

    xhntrgrlx Member

    thanks =] it would really help...i just dont want it to look bad and have wires all over the place..i need to find a hole through the firewall
  5. Jogenmaru

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    The only hole I know in the firewall is the one behind the passenger side strut. You could run the ebay fog light wiring for the fronts and probably the same for the rears but you may have to change up one of the fuses since you will have to make the wires longer to reach the rear. Those also come with a switch already wired in. It could be simple just a long install depending on how its done. Oh. the fog light wiring is only $20 for each relay. One relay does left and right lights.
  6. xhntrgrlx

    xhntrgrlx Member

    the lights came with a control box so the wiring is pretty long and im pretty sure that it will reach okay...the wires are pretty long. i just need to get through the firewall because id like to mount the control box inside of the car so its not under my hood.
  7. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    You could do what I did with my amp power cable. I ran the power cable down the side of the foot well and behind the fender up the wall and through to the battery placing the wires under the fuse box and then run the wires for the light wheels behind the headlight. I will give you a video of it later today. I think I confused you and myself saying what I meant.

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  8. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    The control box you can mount right next to the light dimmer switch by your left knee. That's where I have one of my switches.

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  9. 1slowlance

    1slowlance Well-Known Member

    I used a hole-saw to drill through my firewall for my sub wiring. The firewall isn't that thick and was pretty easy to get through. Just put a rubber grommet where the wires go, so you won't get any wires rubbing on stuff and stripping and what not.
  10. bakwoods

    bakwoods Guest

    I can make it easier to it in less than 10 steps.

    1. Figure out the positive and negative on the lights.
    2. Place the lights in the appropriate places ie: wheel wells.
    3. Bolt down each of your negative ends to a bolt. The negatives don't have to be tied together and then grounded, just ground them to the chasis induvidually.
    4. Run your positives together and twist the exposed ends together then pull through the firewall
    5. Pull one of your fuses from the panel and tie a piece of wire 18 guage or 20 guage to one leg of the fuse and plug back in. Now tie the other end of the wire to a toggle switch.
    6. Now connect your positive wire to the toggle switch leg and wrap it all up.
    7. Test out your lights to make sure everything works
    8. Place it on the dash or somwhere where it will sit flush. I prefer the switches with the metal washers this way you can tie them down.
  11. xhntrgrlx

    xhntrgrlx Member

    where is a toggle switch?
  12. 1slowlance

    1slowlance Well-Known Member

    I did a friend of mine's underglow and we used some of these metal switches. We got em from a hardware store. Lowe's or Home Depot, can't remember which one. I'll look for a picture of what we used.

    Edit: Is this what you're talking about, bakwoods?