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Discussion in 'Mid-West Owners Forum' started by SpartanSMH, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. SpartanSMH

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    So I just bought a 2011 es 2.0 (wicked white) and NEED some more acceleration without voiding that warranty. Got about 600 bucks to blow. What's my best option? Never mod out a car before as bikes have been my thing for awhile. So not sure about pros/cons of cold air vs. short ram. What's gonna add the most bag for the buck, intake/exhaust? What brands are good, what's junk? Or is it all just preference?

    Current mods: 25% tint all around.
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    The whole warranty issue is somewhat complicated. LEGALLY, you can make any powetrain modifications while retaining the long as the modification(s) increase efficacy, fuel mileage, and overall long as they do not compromise the vehicles driveability, reliability, or safety. Look up the The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act (P.L. 93-637).

    With that said...what it comes down to 90 percent of the time is the dealership's views on modified vehicles and the individual's willingness to persure the law if claims are denied. Most of the time it is easier to throw on a CAI and mild axle-back exhaust and changing out the upgrades for the OEM parts when service is needed. Pain in the ass...but not having to deal with a shitty dealership is worth it sometimes.

    Ok...I went on a rant. As for the upgrades, I would suggest a CAI with an axle-back. I really can't say much for brands except for Fujita....stay away from them. Seem to always throw a CEL due to the location of the MAF sensor. We have plenty of owners here with newer lancers and will gladly throw in their opinions.
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    Intakes: INJEN is hella good.
    Low end speed: SRI
    Top end speed: CAI

    Any brand axel back exhaust is the big thing around here. I have a full exhaust*

    RRM lightweight crank pulley or the RPW pulley I heard is a lil better.

    WORKS or TWM short shifter (with aluminum bushings)

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    Oh, one more thing, if you do go with a CAI, be sure to purchase the "HYDROSHIELD", too! WORTH IT. (otherwise you'll hydrolock the motor if there is a significant amount of rain/ puddles, ect.)

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    Thanks for the info. Forgot to mention its an auto trans.
    Was leaning twards the injen cai vs. rrm short guy. Is this pretty easy to do in a drive way with no jack? I rent. Lol
    Cheapest injen I can find is $299.00. That average or is there cheaper out there somewhere?
    ps- what's SRI? Please excuse my ignorance.
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    Sri is short ram intake
  7. SpartanSMH

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    Noted, TY
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    Check out my ride dude! I've got a Takeda SRI and the Injen Axle-back exhaust. Both awesome and both kind of cheap. lol
  9. evilstig4b1

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    Stay away from the RRM SRI.