Hello Hello *08 WW Lancer*

Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by Geaux, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Conduct

    Conduct Well-Known Member

    Wicked White, and Welcome! :D
  2. Budrow

    Budrow Well-Known Member

    Now I feel stupid should pay more attention
  3. slipshft

    slipshft Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the site. Nice pics!
  4. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Definitely not, me and the girl tried to ride down there the other night and it was totally blocked off. lame.

    Where are you from in NOLA and how old? (lol, sounds like I should be saying a/s/l/p? hah)
  5. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    marrero 33

    how bout you?
  6. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Gretna and 26

    Westbank represent!

    Bought the Lancer at Levi's in Baton Rouge, what about you?
  7. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    rainbow mitsu

  8. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they didn't have a white with Nav ... had to go out of city for it
  9. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    the car is really my girl's car she fell in love with the blue when we drove onto the lot no (de) no (es) she had to have the blue gts

    i mostly drive but it is hers

    i have a f150 & 5.0 stang

    neither get 28mpg on highway
  10. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    ahh boooo! jk.

    Good deal on the 'stang though
  11. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    you been or go to midnight madness @ no problem?

    yes but i got a little family
  12. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    I've been before. My godfather's truck just blew its engine out there the other night hah.
  13. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    that's rough

    everything that is fun ends up costing money

    you planning on doing anything to your car yet
  14. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    I bought the car in hopes of trying to 'grow' out of the customization phase haha. The car has pretty much everything I wanted/needed. BUT, there are some smaller things I will be doing. I just painted the chrome grill a flat black today and will be doing the black vinyl in the center bumper. Other than that, once the wedding and such is all said and done, I want to invest and get some retrofitted headlights for the car with HID.
  15. AeJarrotto

    AeJarrotto Well-Known Member

    awesome pics specially the last two, probably because i want to live near water for a while. haha
  16. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Thanks man, we get to live close to water in New Orleans a lot, sometimes a little TOO close :)
  17. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    good plan
    so you gonna go down that lane of no return
    i am almost there as far as marriage
    the only thing done to car is the greddy pipe planning on tinting windows soon
    but gotta wait till summer for it
    still have to focus on my car and the track
    after that then tint
  18. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    as far as the water, we love water, and the water loves us too
    just too much
  19. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm definitely staying AWAY from exhaust on this car lol. The one on my last car nearly drove me insane towards the end. I'm definitely enjoying the quietness.
  20. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    i went from my 5.0 with flowmasters to f150 stock, went nuts the we got this car and i needed some sound back
    the greddy isn't super loud like the civics just low tone notice very little noise at hot idle

    you seen any red 08 gts around

    sucks if we have a MEET it would only be two the other guys on this forum all live close to each other