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Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by Geaux, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Sup guys, had the 08 since about August and it has 5.8k on the odo. Fully loaded with Navi and Smartkey. Only issue I've had recently is the start up problem. Kinda embarassing/aggravating because it is a new car, I'll figure something out. Here are some of my pics of the 'baby'







    Forgot to introduce myself, I'm Sean and I'm from New Orleans, not many 08's around here (I think I've seen one since I've bought it hah.) Future plans are nothing spectacular. My uncle has a vinyl guy he deals with, so I'm going to get the front end vinyl'd black and probably paint the chrome grill a flat black to match. If the price is right, I might even do a black vinyl on the roof, but thats a 30% chance hah. Other than that, I love the car the way it is, and lowering would be out of the question because of the roads I deal with on a daily basis.
  2. Bayurea

    Bayurea Well-Known Member

    nice Ride, glad u enjoy it bro.
  3. Bayurea

    Bayurea Well-Known Member

    oh take ur car into the dealer for the startup problem i herd its the ignition relay... i get that problem too but once in a while..
  4. delphium_

    delphium_ Well-Known Member

    Only on smart keys?

    cause on my 5spd ES it takes a while to start.. idk what it is my dads 10yr old GMC van starts instantly mine takes about 2-3 secs to start usually.
  5. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Yeah, its weird. It'll act like its going to turn over but it won't, but if I turn the ignition totally off and try again it usually starts up. Like I said, more embarrassing than anything haha.
  6. delphium_

    delphium_ Well-Known Member

    i bet that blows haha

    Anyways, welcome to LT.

    plenty of info here
  7. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to LT.com and congrats on the 08...WW are sexy!!!!

    btw its off topic but how is new orleans now after the hurricane?
  8. kennyjai

    kennyjai Well-Known Member

    welcome sean!!! WW is sick =D i am getting one myself in 2-3 weeks im so excited omg!!! and yahh vynil the top part!! i thought of doing it also!!!!!!!
  9. blacksheep818

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    welcome and enjoy your stay
  10. delphium_

    delphium_ Well-Known Member

    love the enthusiasm kenny, L0L
  11. mb978n

    mb978n Well-Known Member

    Yoo dude welcome!!!!! nice to see another Wicked White rockin the sight i painted my chrome grill btw so PM me if you need any pointers
  12. MXlou

    MXlou Well-Known Member

    welcome yo
  13. JDM FLOW

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    Welcome and nice ride and good choice, WW FTW :D
  14. grizbone

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  15. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    Downtown area is pretty much back to normal, there are some surrounding areas like the lower 9th and St. Benard that are still pretty bad. I actually went around the lower 9th the other day for the first time and was humbled/shocked. I'll post some pics in this thread if yall are interested in seeing some of the sights. Just lemme know. Thanks for the welcome guys.
  16. gatzaraki

    gatzaraki Well-Known Member

    welcome enjoy
  17. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    welcome to the site, funny i don't see your car around either
    been to noma in city park but you were gone lol

    might see you around very few lancers here in nola
  18. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    ^excellent to see a fellow NOLA peep.

    We might have to do a shoot together :D
  19. nola_blu_gts

    nola_blu_gts Member

    yep yep

    good pics of your car

    lakefront ain't what it used to be
  20. Budrow

    Budrow Well-Known Member

    Welcome, Stupid question but wat does the "WW" stand for?