Hello from Canada

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    9293DA8A-5920-46D3-984B-AB9DD29B341A.jpeg 5C5DDB2B-782C-4928-B0BE-BCE708F9CD21.jpeg D58A6990-3BA0-47DD-8B51-6919F2AAD706.jpeg Just thought I’d introduce myself here before I dig into the forums. I’m from southern Ontario Canada, 40min from Toronto. I just bought a 2017 SE Anniversary Edition in white with a 5 speed. I’m pretty experienced with/working on Mitsubishi’s. I’ve owned: 1999 eclipse, 2003 eclipse, 2008 eclipse, 2015 Lancer, 2016 Outlander, and my new 2017. As for profession I’m a welder fabricator in an open pit mine. I’ll post some pics:
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    Nice one! :)