headers for my pzev.. wtf is a CEL??

Discussion in '8G Lancer - Performance' started by sosicklancer 17, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. sosicklancer 17

    sosicklancer 17 Active Member

    i want to get headers but i have the pzev.. i know of the CEL but idk what it is or does.. can any one help me?
  2. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    .....cel stands for check engine light. These are codes that the cars brain tells you if something is wrong with your car. If the check engine light comes on then you can go to autozone and they tell you what they are for free.

    If you get headers you will throw a cel. You need to get a defouler for your seconds o2 sensor so it wont throw a cel.

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  3. 1slowlance

    1slowlance Well-Known Member

    I think RRM sells a "blank" if you will to eliminate the code throw.
  4. Sinestra

    Sinestra Well-Known Member

    OBX header or RRM header with the PZEV adapter for your 2nd CAT. Also DC SPorts will have a header out shortly as well
  5. sosicklancer 17

    sosicklancer 17 Active Member

    will it still pass inspection?? and whats the reviews on the rrm headers.. i dont really hear good things bout them...
  6. slickdevil08

    slickdevil08 Well-Known Member

    rrm headers from what i have done research on so far. arnt the best but they will get the job done. depends on what state you live in if it will pass inspection
  7. sosicklancer 17

    sosicklancer 17 Active Member

    Idk bout anyone else but to take a chance on almost 500 dollar headers is to risky for me... id rather spend the 200....
  8. slickdevil08

    slickdevil08 Well-Known Member

    yeah i would agree. i plan on going full skunk2 for my car lol
  9. sosicklancer 17

    sosicklancer 17 Active Member

    so i went on a search for obx headers.. i found this on the 9g lancers forum...

    they also say that its not a perfect hook up.. and it doesnt say if they had a pzev.... but this is an install and sound clips!!

    and if i get the rrm pzev adapter will i have to buy the rrm headers?? or can i just buy the obx or dc headers??? i really want to stay away fromm rrm as much as possible, i dont really like their reviews
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  10. aznboiultra

    aznboiultra Well-Known Member

    If you live in Cali like me it won't pass smog for sure or any other states that have he same smog requirements as Cali, but you can always swap back to stock just to do the test.
    Since we're on the topic of CEL, I want to ask when we replace the stock crank pulley with a lighter rrm, alutec , or obx crank pulley will it set off the CEL or other check light?

    I just send DC a email today asking about the header for pzev lancer, I'll post their reply here when I get it.
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  11. aznboiultra

    aznboiultra Well-Known Member

    I called DC today since they never responded back to my email. They told me the header is not out right now but it will be in 30-40 days from today. The header is meant for pzev model lancer only and right now they don't have 1 for fed lancers(they said their working on fed version right now). It will fit all 08+ pzev lancer sub model (not sure about ralliart, sorry I forgot to ask). There is no CARB EO# for the lancer yet but they said they should have the CARB EO# between 1-2 months after the header comes out. They said they will also provide instruction on how to get the EO# from them after it get approve. The header comes with everything including the adapter so you wont need to order the rrm adapter for it. It would have about 6-8 hp or whp(sorry could hear the guy he was talking fast and sounded like he was out of breath), but they havent done a dyno on it yet so you cant really believe that for now. Their price is around $400 for the all the parts, but many websites are selling them now so to see how many they would need in their inventory, but we wont get them until their actual release date so we would be waiting for another 30-40 days after purchase.
  12. sosicklancer 17

    sosicklancer 17 Active Member

    so i should be able to install this and not have to worry about throwing CEL???
  13. KeeganT

    KeeganT Well-Known Member

    Jeeze what a pain in the ass. I really hope DC sports will come out with the stainless steel T304 for the FED cars. I'm really glad that you called DC sports because I was just about to do the same thing. I'm gonna be ticked if it takes forever and a day for them to come out with the stainless steel FED header. The reason why I want to stay away from T408 ceramic coated is because it will crack in high heat (anywhere from 1300 F to 2000 F) and I don't like the idea of that living in Arizona. I could have sworn RRM fixed the CEL problem though? I'm going to give a call to both companies in the coming weeks. If RRM tells me their headers will throw a CEL AND I won't be able to pass emmisions in AZ then I'll wait for a stainless steel FED header from DC Sports. I just don't want to be waiting for too long because this is something I'm itching to do.

    So what I'm going to ask both compainies when I call:

    RRM- What grade of steel is used in your headers? If you use T304 why do you ceramic coat them as advertised why not just leave them as is? Will they throw a CEL when I install them or have you fixed that by now? Will I be able to pass emissions in AZ?

    DC Sports- When can I expect T304 headers for an FED Lancer? What about ceramic coated headers for the FED Lancer? What kind of warranty do you offer?

    Can you guys tell I've been obsessed about the headers lately? lol

    EDIT: My bad aparently RRM is a 4-1 header
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  14. sosicklancer 17

    sosicklancer 17 Active Member

    dont worry keegan i as well have obssesed about getting some quality headers!!
  15. aznboiultra

    aznboiultra Well-Known Member

    Ok so i ask dc sport today, they said their 4-1 header does not create a CEL, non of their aftermarket products create a CEL, the only products of their that create a CEL are their racing parts like racing header which require a after market ecu. Also I ask about the avaibility date again just incase it got change, they say it is still under development and the 30 days is the earliest it is available. I already got some reply from a few website selling it and they state mid Jan of 2012 is when they can actually ship it. So we wont get the header for another few more months.
  16. sosicklancer 17

    sosicklancer 17 Active Member

    so from the sounds of it, it should be "plug and play" then... thats good!!!
  17. evilstig4b1

    evilstig4b1 Well-Known Member

    I actually got my OBX headers for $230 shipped. Hmu if you want the info! GL
  18. evilstig4b1

    evilstig4b1 Well-Known Member

    DCS is on bullsh*t with the headers, they are takin too long with the 4-1's. Plus, I hear they leak real bad anyway.