Getting my 2009 WW GTS!!!

Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by mitsubabieexP, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. mitsubabieexP

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  2. LuvMyLancer

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    You dont have to get underglow. The 2nd link would be the tubes that would go in your footwells to make your car glow pink on the inside.

    And yeah graphics as in decals.
  3. mitsubabieexP

    mitsubabieexP Well-Known Member

    you make decals?! thats awesomE!!
    i kinda want tiny ones - like the size of the decals to promote this site -
    but instead like pink with -mitsubabieexP-
    hahaha! *shrugs*

    i think that would be cute...
    i wish i knew how to make decals =(
  4. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    I dont know how to make them, I just know how to design 'em. Hard to explain. I designed the graphics for my car, I'll post pics probably next week.

    Here's a few pics of designs I've done (poorly drawn in photoshop but ya get the idea haha):




  5. mitsubabieexP

    mitsubabieexP Well-Known Member

    ohhhh i play with photoshop alot too lol

    ill post some pics up when the weather clears up here
    hopefully tomorrow :D
  6. LuvMyLancer

    LuvMyLancer Well-Known Member

    Yeah I wish I could design peoples cars for a living hahaha.

    I can draw a lot better on paper then I can with a mouse :p

    ZEROCOOL Well-Known Member

  8. WGKilljoY

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    now that is a good photoshop. verry nice.
  9. mitsubabieexP

    mitsubabieexP Well-Known Member

    i dont think that that is photoshopped.. LOL
    but that is very nice! i love the pink black and white contrast<3

    hahaha! i wish i could have that =(
    i really want the pink interior glow but i want a light pink...
    anyway... anyone want to teach me how to hardwire it? lol
  10. TheDude

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    I think with those 3 pictures, ALL OF US are jealous of your BF. Thats one sick ass beemer. Give props to him

    Welcome and enjoy your WW
  11. JDM FLOW

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    WW represent..good choice and welcome and hope you enjoy the site. Staff
  12. mitsubabieexP

    mitsubabieexP Well-Known Member

    aww thanks! you guys are all soo sweet!!

    at first i was hella jealous of my boyfriend's car
    but now since i have my own car
    im pretty okay with it cause hes not the only one cheating on me!
    LOL! jk! but anyway! i<3mylancer!
    now i just gotta get the mods on :p
  13. moon

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    i have a electic blue, and still am in love with the WW. *shame on me*