Fog Lights Without Headlights

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    Courtesy of Ukie from Evo X forums. I recently did this and it works great. I would recommend running HID fogs if you want to do this since they run cooler. This is not DRL fog light MOD your fogs will be on all the time when you start the car all your other lights will work as normal. There will be 10sec delay when you turn off the car and then the fogs will turn off. Use a volt meter to find the empty 12v slot.

    "so first thing youll need to do is go to the store and pick up a fuse jumper wire(see pic 1) then ull have to remove the factory fog light fuse/relay and plug in the fuse jumper (see pic 2) then i took my volt meter and found an empty spot that had 12v when the key was turn(see pic 3) and thats it the spot i picked is nice cuz it has a delay when you turn the car off the fogs will still stay on for about 15 sec.. ive been running this for bout 1yr and havent had an issue yet"

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    Is this for the 08+ or for 07 and below? Also, can you include other pictures? Or at least a few more details as to where to run stuff. The pictures are not exactly self explanatory.
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    based on pic 2 this is for 08+ lancer/evo/ralliart.