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Discussion in 'Evolution IX to I - General Information' started by Conduct, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Conduct

    Conduct Well-Known Member

    Sure it's probably in the wrong section, but I thought I would give it a shot.

    Anyways, as an update I sold my Lancer, due to... well I got tired of the lack of power and moved into something else.

    I picked up a Tarmac Black Evo IX SE

    yadda yadda, I don't know I just thought I would drop back in and update you all :D
  2. bras_33

    bras_33 Well-Known Member

    and no pics, wtf!!

    congrats on the 9.
  3. hoygagoka

    hoygagoka Well-Known Member

    Haha very nice upgrade! How much did u sell ur lancer for? And hw much was the evo?

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    No worries conduct, I would of done the same if I could afford an 9 and congrats anyways and I'm with Alvin on this, where the photos punk, j/k!

    Have fun with you're new toy , I know I would :)
  5. Milagro

    Milagro Well-Known Member

    be careful, te power is addictive....

  6. Evo8cfb

    Evo8cfb Member

    Nothing like an Evo to quench your power thirst!!

  7. 4B12LancerGTS

    4B12LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    Congrats! Hope you dont get to many tickets or have to much sex with the new car :wink:

    ZEROCOOL Well-Known Member

    Why wait grab a Evo 9. Lol..Congrats bro. Have fun, and stay safe. Very true about power.
  9. Mike_4B11

    Mike_4B11 Active Member

    i also traded my 9g for an evo 9 gsr....im suprised at the lack of evo stuff in this section
  10. JDMFanatik

    JDMFanatik Well-Known Member

    congrats on the pick up. cant go wrong with an evo 9. id do the same cept go for the evo 9 MR :p
  11. Mike_4B11

    Mike_4B11 Active Member

    idk man i like the 5 speeds over the 6 speeds that like to grenade hahaha
  12. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    Well stick around and tell your friends about us... in all honesty I think it is just because this site is called "Lancer" instead of "EVO".... but all Lancers are welcome here...
  13. Mike_4B11

    Mike_4B11 Active Member

    i been on for almost a year and a half already just not very active...im a mod on sclc.net so im really active on there
  14. champion_j4

    champion_j4 Member

    i drive an older lancer, and i miss all the old lancer information there was on this forum. :/