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    so recently my front emblem broke and instead of buying a new one i thought i would do something different and kind of re-design the grill. its on my 2006 OZ and the grill is almost--keyword "almost"-- like the 04/05 grill with the body running through the middle. Anyways ill post some pics and a general step by step.

    im planning on putting the mitsu ralliart lines emblem on the front grill instead of a mitsu emblem.

    if you dont like it thats cool but no bashing or anything


    1. Take the emblem off

    2. sand the area down that you want to bondo, then clean it off.

    3. apply the body filler to the designated area. Make sure you add the correct amount of hardener. too much will make it dry really quick and go chunky.

    4. once that has dried, sand it down so that its smooth. use a pretty rough grit (maybe 180 or 200), then work your way down to smoother grits.

    5. i used a razor blade to clean up the sides so that its a clean straight line from top to bottom.

    6. -this one is optional but reccomended-- rough the surface up a bit then clean it. i applied fiberglass matting on top to fill in any holes and to reinforce it to prevent cracking. i used fiberglass matting and resin. -note: dab the matting with the resin with a paint brush, dont use an actual painting motion-

    7. sand that down smooth (use the process in step 4) then clean it off.

    8.Tape off the area around your bondo'd area and cover the wrest of the grill with newspaper so as not to get paint or primer on it. i used filler primer to fill in any holes or cracks. apply a few thick-ISH coats. Give the primer a long time to dry. id say at least 15 min between each coat on a hot day depending on how think the coat

    9. rough the surface up, clean it, then apply your factory paint color. add enough coats to have a solid even look. Once dried, apply your clear coat. I would recommend dupli-colors engine paint clear-coat because, from the others i have tried, it works the best. Apply your first coat of clear coat thick so its shiny to the eye but be careful of dripping. remember, the thicker the coat, the longer the time to wait between coats.

    10. you may have to touch up the wrest of the grill with matte black paint. if you do, just tape off the bondo'd area and spray away.

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