couple of exhaust q's....

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    Building up my set up and putting it all on at once...little background - 2010 RA lowered no other mods installed yet except K&N

    Purchased so far :
    *K&N drop-in
    *Evo X bpv
    *Evo X intercooler
    *Evo X LICP
    *Aftermarket UICP which bolts up to intercooler fine
    *Boost pill
    *Tactrix cable

    Would a generic map to load be good enough with all this stuff, considering im still learning how to tune and have quite a bit more learning to do before being comfortable really playing around with that stuff...its a DD and i really would rather not drop $$$ on tuning even though i do understand the value of doing it, it's currently not fitting in the budget.

    I've been reading up but haven't found an exact answer...some people state that unless upgrading the turbo, running stock CBE may be sufficient...other than CBE i'm wondering what other exhaust pieces would be worth it, considering i will not be upgrading turbo anytime soon.
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    There isnt really a lot to learn here when i comes to tuning ralliarts. Forums like would even help you with mapping setups and homework for setting you up in the right direction for tuning. As far as exhaust setup on the stock map. Mostly anything you change to a turbo setup car will change your hp/torque. But you could upgrade your intake manifold. You wouldnt really upgrade your turbo manifold until you decide on the bigger turbo. Hopefully you decide to upgrade your spipe or downpipe to match your catback exhaust. The pipe diameter wise.