Car waxes, coatings, and detailers

Discussion in 'Automotive Care' started by lancer2quick, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. lancer2quick

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    Now, I will tell you guys that I am not a huge fan of waxes. In the past, I have used countless brands of waxes and polishes. Meguires, Black magic, Shining monkey, Turtle wax, NXT, and the list continues. There are way too many types of waxes out there for the new car owner to choose from...this post will tell you guys what we here at LancerTuners are using, and our own personal opinions of all of them.

    As for me, I don't wax my car at all. I use a product called Liquid Glass. Put it on, let it cure, then buff for an awesome shine. It makes the paint seem 10 miles deep...and all you have to do is periodically wash. We even used it on the cutters when I was in the Coast Guard. It runs about 25 bucks for a 16oz can....but its well worth it. I've even converted a friend and we buy it by the gallon. Put a couple coats of this stuff on, and all you really have to do is wipe it down with some detail spray every now and then.
  2. ChadD_OZ

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    im gonna have to look into that stuff. sounds great. i hate waxing its annoying lol. but looks good when done right. Mothers cleaning products are amazing
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    Waxing blows. I usually just wash it. Maybe once a year I'll wax it.
  4. 007

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    waxing is such a pain in the ass, but you gotta do something to get those scratches out of the clear coat.....espcially on a black car.
  5. lancer2quick

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    Best way to do that is by using either an orbital buffer or a high speed buffer. I should be able to do a how-to on that soon....i need to buff mine out sometime.
  6. TallGaudet

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    What do you guys think about that NuFinish "once a year car polish"? It seems that from what they say, it replaces any wax-waxy product and lasts A YEAR?!?

  7. lancer2quick

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    I've never used it....but I constantly strip and re-wax...usually once a month. For someone that hates waxing, I guess it would be good...wax every 6 months or so...