Car seems to want to turn off...

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    Hello there everyone,

    Im new here been here and there in this site for some advice and looking for some stuff :)

    Anyways the point of this thread is as u can see the title, i have a Lancer ozrally 02 and when im driving the car, and when im in a red light the car turns off... scares me, ive gone to the mechanic and they've changed the spark plugs and also this part,,r:13,s:89
    which i dont know what its called (sorry) anyways my car has been acting like this for over a month now, and no one has actually told me what it is..ive looked for different opinions and had different mechanics tell me different things. the car seems to stumble, when im running the car just goes blank all the gauges (mph, fuel, water) they all seem to turn off and then after a couple of seconds it turns on again, one thing i did notice is that sometimes after the car tries to turn off but doesnt my fuel gauge goes from 1/2 tank i have to 1/4, then slowly goes back to 1/2

    so yea thats my problem, if anyone can tell me or atleast head me in the right direction i would appreciate it inmensfully
    thanks alot and sorry for the long post.
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    Sounds like the ECU is resetting itself. Have someone go through all of the electrical connections to be sure they are cleaned free of any corrosion. If everything is shutting down, that would be my next guess after checking the battery terminals. Sometimes, a loose negative terminal cod cause that to happen.
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    Also, check your intake filter. Have someone run a cleaner through the intake and gas lines. Might not be producing enough fuel or air to cause combustion. Although it does sound more like what lancer2quick said. Im taking bets on what he said vs my thoughts. Also, when the battery has been disconnected let it sit and idle for 20 mins. Don't touch the gas or anything. Then drive normally for about 10 mins. It should be set then.

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    hmmm..never thought about the ECU i went to a mechanic a couple of weeks ago and he told me that the Flow meter (MAF) is not functioning right...but i went to another, mechanic and he didnt tell me anything of the flow meter, so i dont know, about the intake, my other mechanic already cleaned the intake and all so yea that cleared up and the problem kept on going. i was thinking about the Gas filter or gas pump. also the mechanics have all Scanned the car and no one have actually told me about something about the ecu again i dont know but thats what ive already checked so yea.