Bushur Racing C.F. filter shield

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    QUOTE from his myspace bulletin
    I had some of the finished pieces come in today.

    They are simply just gorgeous. These are VERY high quality and REAL carbon fiber. The company that makes them for us also makes parts for Indy cars, Champ cars, NHRA, Cart, Air planes, etc... so that should give you an idea that these are not cheap Ebay quality.

    If you're curious just who it is please visit this link: www. aerodineengineering.


    I have 3 at this time and I will have more coming in next week


    For those that have not kept up on this item and do not know what its for here is the original thread with more information on the topic:http://forums. evolutionm. net/showthread. php?t=352470

    I will have these up on the website this afternoon or if you would like to be one of the first to pick one up please call me here at the shop. 440-839-1900. As I said I only have 3 as of now and more will be instock next week.

    I will also be adding a complete air filter kit including this shield.

    The wait is finally over.

    Thank you all for your patience!

    Take care guys!
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    oh thats pretty... :p