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    whats going on guys, ive had my lancer for a little over a year now and im constantly searching performance stuff for it. so far i have a cold air intake, dc sports catback, a short throw shifter and i just put my new spec stage 1 clutch on. i currently go to school soo im not really on a good budget ahah so im starting small. im wanting to drop it on coilovers, do all the bushings and sway bars and lca and all the works. but anyways im wanting to get more out of my motor. im found turbo kits, ive found forged internals and i have found a dohc conversion. the dohc is from as most of you probably know but i cant seem to find any cams or cam gears for it. if i do decide to go with the conversion i want to at least upgrade the cams for a turbo set up. if you guys could point me in any kind of direction on where to look i would appreciate it alot. also if you guys have any experience with building the 4g94 id love so advice on what to do, thanks guys:)
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    to be quite honest with you, if you want power you're going to have to spend alot of $$$. and i wouldn't do it by polishing up the turd 4g94. you wont get much out of it by boosting it. So i would wait till you got a few G's and possibly do the 4g63 conversion and get the transmission to make it only fwd. you'll get power there.
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    Hr means the 4g64 swap. Then put a 4g63 head on it

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    This man speaks the truth.