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  1. hi fellas im new here obviously, and ive been lurking these threads for a few days and everyone here seems nice and helpful so ive decided to join with my recent purchase. I have just aquired a black 2011 Lancer GTS. Now my dilema is when purchasing my new vehicle i really wanted the evo as most of us probally did but i decided to save the money and not chance me barely being able to pay my bills (rather eat and make it to all my pball events than have the 300horses).

    I love the evo body and was wondering if anyone knows if there any kits to fit the gts and give it that look, i relize the evo is wider but im sure some company has made a kit...i hope... to give the gts that evo look and really all i would need is just the rear bumper honstly.

    on a side note anyone know a good company to get some angel eye kits at i see the amg add but not sure if there good or what not.

    Thanks in advanced and i look forward to being a part of this community.
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    i think i'll just piggy back this post instead of starting a new one. I'll leave the body kit question to everyone else but i hear ARS does some good custom work (

    This setup ( has angel eyes but it's sorta crazy expensive. Anyone have thoughts on that setup? If you had 800 bucks to spend do you think a projector unit with built in halos, LEDs, and that awesome accent coloring is worth it? It's all plug and play too except for the LEDs (requires a little splicing) but seems pretty idiot proof for the not so electrically inclined (myself lol). It just looks awesome =D
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    I think the headlights are worth it.

    Headlights $100-$300
    HIDs $65-$95
    Angel Eyes $80-$90
    LEDS maybe $25-$50.
    I dont know about the background glow. Ive only see that recently on the dudes g35.
    And then the r&d stuff such as cooking the headlights enough to not crack. Installing the angel eyes and background leds. I mean its possible to be a good price but damn....i wouldnt do it. I would buy some projector headlights and start from there. Im sure there is someone that can actually help you do this your self for about $200-$300 cheaper.
  4. didnt think anyone would ever post in here due to my new ness... im going to install some angel eyes my self (im pretty hands on and is my first headlight attempt but have plenty of wiring background) it doesnt seem to hard. depending if i can find some projectors for a good price ill throw those in there but i think im just gonna go with that audi led strip look. i really like the way it looks and think it will look nice alota people wont agree with me but hey its my car but opinions are welcomed.... i think i should possibly make a progress thread like everyone else.
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    For bodykits check out Autocityimports for you Evo conversion they are having a sale right now too.

    Automoglow is your source for LED's and AE's they are bright, already measured for our cars and come with a warranty. I actually just received my set today.

    if you have not already done so introduce yourself in the new members section please welcome to LT
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    You will spend half that amount doing a retro fit for projectors yourself. Also contact automoglow he may be able to put something together for you. $800 is way to expensive and also those lights are too busy too many lights you want something clean and sleek. I would say do a projector retrofit and install the AE's yourself on the projector lense
  7. yea i was looking at automo glow just now and i suppose i will introduce myself
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    We don't care how long you've been had a question, we'll answer. There isn't any nOOb bashing here on LT...we just talk a bunch of BS with a good bit of Mitsu thrown in....
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    wow thats a pricey headlight assembly. idk if i would be willing to spend that much on headlights
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    Is it safe?

    Is it safe to disassemble the headlights? Won't that break the seal and allow water and dirt to get into the headlight?
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    You can reapply the seal by just using regulae silicone sealant.

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    Cracked headlights?

    I want to install angel eyes but what's this about cooking the headlights to prevent cracking? Is that something that's done when installing HIDs or is it necessary when doing angel eyes also? Thanks, and sorry for the newbie questions
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    WARNING: I'm the resident a-hole on this site :)

    Points to address:

    1. Don't know who told you to bake the headlights when installing HIDs but that's just silly.
    2. HID's are plug and play (90% of the time unless you skimp out and get a cheap american kit)
    3. When installing a custom projector or halos then YES you WILL need to bake the headlights to loosen the seal.

    I did the same on my old car when I baked the lights in order to paint the inside bezel. I did a whole DIY on StreetKiaz back in the day.

    1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees
    2. Remove headlight assembly and wipe off excess dirt, or any particles on the lens and assembly
    3. Set the rack in the oven to the middle and lay down a piece of tin foil (aluminum foil) the size of the headlight
    4. Place headlight into oven for 10-12 minutes. Check it every 2 to 3 minutes to see if anything is heating too much, or anything is starting to melt
    5. Once the headlights are nice and toasty your sealant around the lens should be soft and maleable
    6. Use a flathead screwdriver at the corner of the light and slowly and GENTLY pry the seal apart, if the seal is still tough to break, bake the light a little longer
    7. Once the lens is free from the assembly, try to keep as much of the sealant in as possible in the assembly, you'll need it when re-baking
    8. Now you can install the halo system, run the wires and viola.
    9. When your ready to reinstall the lens, simply pry it into place, then rebake again, and every few minutes take the light out and press the lens closer to the rest of the assembly, you'll do this 2-3 times at least.
    10. Upon completion, use some black silicone sealer around the edge of the lens to prevent fogging.

    *Hint: use a rag and a very thin bead of the sealer to wipe into the tight spots so that it forms a nice seal.

    I let my lights cure overnight before re-installing them just to ensure the sealer hardens properly. Once it's cured, you should be good to go. Please note that it's always a good idea to test the halos BEFORE re-installing the lens, just to make sure you know which wires go where. I did the write up with the assumption that you already identified the proper power and ground wires.

    Also with regards to the projector retrofitting, it's quite possible to do. I would assume the Evo lights would work as a base and then add some LEDs in there if you wanted and maybe halos. If you want to still do a retrofit, the BMW projectors work quite well for that, I'd recommend any of the older ones (pre-2000) for that since they have a nice set up to work with. You can usually find them pretty "inexpensive" NOT cheap.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions, and this applies to EVERYONE including the seasoned vets here too.
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    do you know the diameter of the halo rings needed? i can't seem to find that info anywhere.