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    Ok so heres the deal I been saving for a hell of awhile to put some more style to my ride. Now what I got in the 2003 Lancer OZ and from what i have read the only difference between the OZ ES AND LS the the options and lip kit and rims ffor the OZ. Next in noway did I buy this car thinking it was made for horse power I got it for economical reason cause i got a kid and drive a decent distance for work and need a back seat and truck to haul my stuff or people at times but i figure that dont mean it cant look sweat. My desire is to put the evo 7 v2 front bumper now the only three brands Ihave seen are Flastic,ITZ, and RRM now I have seen them fitted on a few lancers when I lived in Colorado in VA i aint its cheap for the Flastic one and ITZ and by cheap i mean around 350 but its fiberglass and it says need fitment and modifacation now RRM has the Carbon Fiber which is sick but does it need any modding to fit other that the bumper pad or whatever its called??? I have not been able to find anyone in my area that can work with carbon fiber that wont charge another grand just for the front bumper to get on. now the side skirt im a fan of the K style but havent chosen the brand at the moment. The rear I am planning to use the evo 5 now i like the one accolade has I think its a evo9 but I am unsure and I dont like dealing with overseas companies for stuff like this due to issues in the past with a Mirage I used to own now I know either way il need to get an Evo conversion hood and install hoop pins from what i hear now sparce has some cool pins that are carbon and sit flush to the hood and yes i plan to get a carbon hood now i like the vented look but where I live it can rain alot and lots of puddles in my neighborhood and I dont want to ruin the engine with water getting sucked in the ram intake so it is easier to just plug these or is there a hood that looks like it has vent but dont i dont want a smotth hood. Now I know this is a forum and everyone has their own idea on how to modd cars so all info is appreciated and i am not asking what kit style to buy what I am asking is which brands offer the best fitment I have hear good about RRM and carbontrix Evo7 v2 bumper but my logic is if I pay 999 bucks plus shipping then I should not have to do any cutting or grinding on the carbo fiber to make it fit just remove the piece from front bumper and slap her on for a perfect fit now i know there are different styles to carbon fiber and they are wet and dry is this correct now what about weave patterns I have heard its 1x1 and 2x2 i just want to make sure that all the carbon basicly hood and trunk and maybe front bumper all have the same pattern so the blend well well thats it for the moment any and all positive or negative info grealt appreciated as it just helps to have info thanks
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    Ouch. Tough read. Here's what I can gather / offer:

    Carbontrix makes the carbon fiber one from RRM. If you do the Evo VII conversion front, you only need the bumper and hood. It's a conversion, so it bolts right on. Off the top of my head, I forget which brand needs a new crashbar and which doesn't, so I can't help you there. Sorry.

    You wont need to cut or anything. It wont fit with your stock hood though, so if you pay the $700 or $900 for that bumper, pay the extra for the hood, otherwise it's going to be a garage ornament.

    As far as skirts and rears go, it's sorta your call. A user on here had the entire CF front end, and had OZ skirts and rear lip, and it looked AMAZING. That's what I'd do, personally. Also, Kaminari makes a rear lip that looks really nice. I'm likely going to go that route when I start piecing my kit together.

    Accolade has been down for a while. Pretty sure people were waiting like close to a year for parts and a lot of it wasn't fitting well, etc... stuff came in broken / chipped. I wouldn't count them as a company to just call and order your stuff from. That's just what I've gathered from reading, though. I've not dealt with them myself.

    Hope I could help you out or actually answered your questions. I skimmed that because it made my noggin throb.
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    I have put many kits on many different cars in the past, and here's what I have learned. When we talk about "fitting" the kit, it means to check the crash bar clearance, bolt locations, and how the kit meets the other body panels. Now, a lot of companies will give a "fitment guarantee", but even the highest quality parts will require some sort of modification. Kits come with a protective gelcoat coating that has to be sanded and sometimes molded with body filler to get the perfect fitment and a smooth paint surface. Some kits that I have done only require sanding and light shaving to fit right...and others I had to fill the edges with fiberglass and body filler so it would meet the other body panels. I have seen the costs range from 100 bucks all the way to 1k, just to fit a kit...and another 500 or so to paint and blend to the car. if you go with a urethane kit, your fitment will be a lot better, but some shaving might be required. All of the urethane kits that I have installed required shaving to adding material to fill gaps. You will usually pay more for a urethane kit, but it evens out by spending less on fitment.
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    Also, accolade is either no longer in business or no longer services the united states. I wanna say just no longer servicing the u.s. but look it up. Also the fitment thing, for rrm I believe it requires "modification" of the front crash bar. Nothing will be a perfect fit as all aftermarket parts are not a perfect fit. Personally if I have to remove the crash bar for a body kit I am not getting it. Call rrm when you get back to the states for specifics on what they mean by modify the crash bar for fitment. Or rather email them if you need an answer to confirm your buy. Now rrm may duck around the bullet with giving you a specific answer. That's why most ppl don't buy from them as they don't give specifics. But most of the time their products are quality. With the exception of mptieras exhaust.
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    Does anyone know if the carbon fiber evo7 v2 front bumper and hood are guaranteed fitment or if they make a carbon trunk im assuming the only way that I can guarantee that the exact pattern matches through out in carbon would be to order all at once from same place and actually speak to someone and let them know what I want, and so far what I am understanding is that RRM and Carbontrix are ran by the same people anyone know if that is true? Now what about fenders I know there are the Z3 fenders any others out there that add some zest or should I stay stock. I got the whole OZ package on my ride now and before I bought it I hadnt seen a Lancer in so long that was what drew me to it but since purchasing it it seems alot of people have them so once all is done ill be getting rid of all the factory leftovers I have about a 3 weeks to make my choice on brands and materials so that i can have my parts arrive the weekend I get back to the states so I can install on my vacation
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    RRM and Carbontrix are the same ppl. Along with RRE (road race engineering, the evo part of rrm). RRM does not make a carbon fiber trunk. You would have to order that from somewhere else. Ebay is normally a good place. There are actual name brands. The one for the evo years 03-06 and regular lancer 02-03 (ls,es,oz) are the same.

    As for your fenders question I dont know exactly.

    Dont know about the carbon fiber fitment of the evo 7 conversion. I have seen the fiber glass fitment and its really close.
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    how about the carbon fiber roof for the Evo will it fit on the lancer?? Yes im sure that someone out there will thinks its a little overboard with carbon fiber but oh well im sure if i could do the whole body for under 5 grand I would but I like the way it looks and how it sets out the style from everyone else

    Do you know of any brands for the fiberglass evo 7 v2 other than ITZ or Flastic ?

    Now I know the Evo has different measurements width wise which is why so stuff wont fit but is there any reason why the side skirts for an Evo would not fit the Lancer OZ?
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    Use this



    turbo - will fit with custom 4g94 mani (a few mani's floatin around the threads here and speed corps used to make them)

    stock intercooler and intercooler piping - for the intercooler,remove the front rollers and use the 2 outside bolt holes. for the piping, holes are there and threaded already if i rember correctly.

    aftermarket intercooler and piping - depends on size but will probably reqire cutting stock bumper to make fit for the intercooler. for the pipes may require like the AMS small battery kit (ie. the greddy pipe setup or AMS). the set of injen pies will work as well with the stock evo battery tray. here are some pics and some info on what to do to make them fit like a charm!

    battery tray - right by where the stock air cleaner would sit by the transmission mount on the drivers side. the holes are there and tapped already

    radiator - heard that it fits but dont know the up/downsde to actually running it.

    trunk - uses all the same bolts and lock assemblies. nice if you find an evo wing and dont want to fill the holes in your trunk form a stock lancer trunk with factory spoiler.

    radio relocation kit - most of you know this already as for we have gauges where the stock radio sits, or are running a dual radio setup.

    gauge pods - a pillar, steering column, radio relocation (see above). basically if you can mount a gauge in an evo you can mount one in a base model.

    turbo timer w/ harness - splices right into your ignition system with a harness from hks or others.

    spedometer cluster - direct drop in from where ours sits now.

    399 mass air flow sensor - works if you know the values tobe put into ecuflash and you have the cable to reflash the ecu

    front shock and struts - direct bolt on from what i hear. not sure of the benefits but have heard they do work. from 03lancerES: the only way for the ES (except for the 06 style es's that use the same suspension as the oz's and ralliarts)models to utilize this is by using the front strut mount from an OZ which is bolt on then you can bolt on the evo's

    evo 8 ecu - requres a reflash cable, ecu flash and a lot of patience. once in and working opens up tuning capabilities for turbo setups.

    stock and most aftermarket down pipes - works with evo turbo and o2 housing setup.

    stock interior - seats, door panels, center console, evo 8 steering wheel, dash, trim, vents(if i missed something please let me know)

    steering rack - tighter ratio

    evo mr aluminum roofs / AMS Carbon Roof -

    evo rims - can be used on lancers with a 5 lug hub or have done a 5 lug conversion

    rear calipers/rotors - work on disc brake models

    body trim - can mount or be mounted to the lancer chassis

    glass - includes mirrors and all glass are swappable

    front strut bars -

    hood latch - uses all 3 of the same bolt holes as the base lancer. works great if you have done an evo 7 conversion to the front and want to put some nice mesh in hte grille.

    evo fuel pressure regulator - will have to bore out stock or aftermarket fuel rail a bit to make it fit.

    Evo MR Vortex Generator - if the roof will fit this will as well. can get authentic mitsu or aftermarket.


    4g63 - will not fit WITHOUT a lot of work and a lot of money. if your going to put that in, you might as wellhave bought the evoin the first place. this is a VERY touchy topic here on the forums

    manifolds - differnt distance on runners. close but no cigar. requires a welder,and some creative injenuity to get the ports tomatch

    driveline - differnet slpines and longer i believe

    rear shocks and struts - dont fit, differnet configuration

    front brembo calipers - wont fit to lancer hub

    sway bar - end links are different

    window and lock regulators -

    rear strut bars - they wouldnt work since the evo rear struts are higher then the lancer/ra's
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    This should be what your looking for correct?
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    yah it is I read the same thing in another forums for Evo's and i saw where a guy that works for AMS says that their carbon roof is a direct fit but I havent heard much about the company I am almost considering maybe using a carbon fiber overlay for JUST the roof but i spent about 5 hours looking around online and was unsucessful in find a place to have it done in virginia anyone know any shops that do this or any other high qaulity body work in the Hampton area?
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    there is a carbon fiber roof overlay done by the same company that makes cf trunks for us but from what I heard it fits like shit. Its about 3mm off which is a lot for a roof. Ams is a good company amongst evos. So im pretty sure they are good amongst lancers. With certain body parts of course. The cf roof being a good piece for both evo and lancer. Its hella expensive though.

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    Aint that the truth so far what I have come up with for prices is this
    RRM Front Evo 7V2 bumber in carbon fiber is 999.00 + shipping
    RRM Evo 7 carbon fiber hood 649.00+ shipping
    RRM carbon fiber drag wing 429.00+ shipping
    Speed Corps carbon fiber trunk 580.00 free shipping
    Speed Corps Megan racing seat w/sliders 525.00 Evo 5 kit 599.00 free shipping but I will resell the front bumper casue its 625 just to buy the rear and side skirts
    I prefer the ken style side skirts but unless anyone knows of a site that does not charge an arm and leg for shipping I think its best this way and just resell what I dont use

    so far thats 3781.00 but I am still lokking for fenders but I am unsure I just aint feeling the smooth design of factory if you know of anywhere to get these same parts in same material let me know I have set a personal no shit date for order before Feb 15 Now i just hope all this stuff mount up easy it only leaves me with about 2 grand for shipping and having it installed unless i can just do it myself but that all depends on how fitment is and if it needs modded anybody got a step by step or a few pictures of what parts will need to be removed for the front body kit to be installed and rear as well so I know exactly which parts need removed or customized
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    Yes I am sure someone out there will ask why not get an Evo and the reason is I dont need to go that fast I just want a car that looks good and and runs like a top and dont cost 35 grand just to have stock options
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    so my question is how can i delete a thread that i have started ? i am planning on making a build thread once i get back stateside so it would be pointless to have this thread since it dont seem to be getting many replies
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    A moderator can delete it for you. But only if you are very certain and sure you want to have it removed. It will also remove your post count back down.
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    ah ok well nevermind maybe over some time i might get a little more info