Bluetooth in one speaker only

Discussion in 'Audio, Security and Electronics' started by TonyGTS, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. TonyGTS

    TonyGTS Member

    I only here sound from the passenger speaker. Is that the way it is or should it be through all speakers?
  2. 5th

    5th Well-Known Member

    hmm.... mine is acually more like surround sound.... you should get that checked but before that try it with another phone
  3. TonyGTS

    TonyGTS Member

    What phone are you using? I'm using an iPhone.
  4. 5th

    5th Well-Known Member

    i use my sidekick 3 and it works just fine actually its a bit loud but id rather have it turned up instead of not hearing
  5. TonyGTS

    TonyGTS Member

    I should of mentioned that I just have the stock head unit. I wonder if that makes a difference.

    RALLIART Well-Known Member

    i have a gts with blutooth, this should only come out one speaker! i checked with mitsu. if you install aftermarket then will go out all speakers.
  7. chetman7

    chetman7 Well-Known Member

    mine goes through all the speakers
  8. Subawho

    Subawho Well-Known Member

    Guys, the sound setup for bluetooth and the radio are seperate, for example you can have the bluetooth volume very low and the radio very high and it will switch it on its own without having to adjust the volume.

    Turn on your bluetooth and go into the sound settings on your car and move the dials so that is plays evenly through the car if thats what you want. It should work.
  9. brian360

    brian360 Member

    I have 08 Lancer GTS with Navigation and premium sound. All bluetooth sound only comes from the passenger side speaker. Its very annoying since I have to turn the volume up really high to hear it -- I'd much prefer it in the driver's speaker.

    When I go to sound settings with the bluetooth system activated, all the speaker options are grayed out and I can't adjust the levels. The only thing that works is the volume control which, as you said, is independent of the "main" volume control. I'm glad to finally have confirmation from someone else that it is only coming from the passenger side... at least I know i'm not alone!
  10. WildBill

    WildBill Well-Known Member

    Check to see when you are playing music if you fade it left or right if it sends the signal the right way. Some slacker may have mis-wired the left and right speaker wires and that is causing it.

  11. TonyGTS

    TonyGTS Member

    That suck Brian360. I was starting to think that I needed the nav and premium sound to get it through all speakers. Like you I'm glad to know it's not just me.

    Thanks for the suggestion Bill. I tried setting the speakers to the drivers side (which all of that works fine) while listening to the radio and then switching to bluetooth. It still only comes out the passenger speaker. I can't adjust the balance or fade while in bluetooth mode.

  12. brian360

    brian360 Member

    Works fine -- the fader and balance controls shift to the correct speakers. The "Speaker Test" option in the service menu (hold SET+NAVI) plays out the correct speakers as well. Also voice guidance plays thru only the drivers speaker (leaving the music going thru the rest of the speakers). Its just the bluetooth system that plays thru the passenger side only.

    Does anybody have the wiring diagram for the bluetooth module? Maybe its going to the wrong side of an input to the head unit/amp somewhere?
  13. ClemsonTnuts

    ClemsonTnuts Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same issue, I can't really find a way to change the settings through the MMC either. I figured it should play through all the speakers not just one. I understand the nav system coming through the driver's side but the BT is a lot tougher to hear and I find myself constantly leaning over while I am driving, not really much safer IMO :evil:
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey JAKE- ur bluetooth still works with ur aftermarket radio?

    RALLIART Well-Known Member

  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    oh yeah thats right. I remember the post u put up earlier. Im thinking of dwn sizing the stock radio to the basics to make it as small as possible and then tuck it away with a single spkr mounted(hidden) somewhere where you can hear it and meter the a mute wire off the stock radio so it can mute the aftrmrkt radio. Alittle work but pac doesnt make an adpter yet.
  17. ViperF16

    ViperF16 Well-Known Member

    hmm i never actually noticed how many speakers mine comes out of. seems like its both though, i'll check it out though. either way i can hear fine without the volume being way up