Best sounding exhaust for my 02 OZ?

Discussion in '7G Lancer and older - Performance' started by xhntrgrlx, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Need some help boys
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    I haven't had that much experience with pre-made exhausts...I have always run a custom setup. It's cheaper, and you can play with the setup to get a sound that you like. I originally started with a 2.75" pipe from the stock resonator to an N1 muffler. It was a litle raspy, so after a while I changed it to 2.5" piping to an alphaWerks canister muffler. Nice deep tone, with very little rasp. I only have around 150 bucks in my exhaust...including the price of the original setup.
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    it depends on what you are looking for. Deep or something loud or something in between. I will give you a sound clip of my car tomorrow.