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    I bought the car brand new jan. 2011 The dealer which was only 15 miles from my house closed 2 months later. During the summer i hit a deer with my 2011 sportback the car was mint. Had a bodyshop fix it and had them paint the chrome grills black as well as the hood. A little while later i found a nice chip in the brand new hood and some damage to the paint on the grills. Not making a huge deal because i do live in upstate ny and you cant keep a car perfect around here i just take pride in my car. So i touch it up my self and it looks pretty good. Than i get pulled over by a trooper which i have been stoped in years to tell me my muffler is to loud. I live the country for a reason no one cares about noise around here. After a long talk and me dropping a few names he let me go with a warning and get it fixed or ill tickit you next time. This is the quiestest car i ever owned no one in 2 years ever botherd me for it and i go places where some cops are pricks. Its a stright pipe from the cat elimitated the resnator and put a evo x aftermarket muffler. Sounds sick but like i said not annoying loud. Than a few weeks after that i tap and i mean tap my front lip on a sidewalk edge i didnt see because of snow. The dent poped out on its own but it killed the paint. Im gna pay out of pocket for it and take it to the same body in the spring so maybe they will hook me up. The damage is about the size of a hand. Now today on my way home my tpms service reqiured light came on. I called the closest dealer which is a little over a hour away. I got a appt at 11. All factory rims and tires.
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    I just wanted to share some bad luck i been having with this car.
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    What a waste of gas that was, on the way there the light shut it self off. I get there and tell the service advior the whole story and all he does is pull the car in and check the tire pressures pull it out and say your all set. I told him three or four different times it was a service required light not the low pessure light. I know the diffrenece the car even says the words. But no help i seem to know more about my car than they do. On the way home the rear tires felt like a shake was going on i let the car sit for a little while and checked the tire cause they looked a little over inflatted and the rears was 37 and the front 35. lol THEY CANT EVEN CHECK TIRES RIGHT ITS 32 ITS SAYS IT ON THE DOOR. I think its time to write mitsubishi and nice long letter since this is not my first mitsubihsi and im not happy. After the local dealer closing and not this non sence.
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    Unfortunately, I know your pain. When I bought my R/A new back in '04...I babied it. I don't know about the Lancers today, but mine came with a huge warning sticker on the gauge cluster AND on the engine cover that read:

    "This is a new vehicle. Please allow proper engine break-in (approx 2300 miles) before hard accelerations, high RPM (4000K) driving, and sudden decelerations. Doing so will result in improper engine functionality and reliability."

    I babied this car for right around 3,000 miles. Then I threw an intake, axle back, and short shifter in it. At about 5200 miles the first, second and fourth gear synchros went in the trans and I had the bad "wop, wop, wop" sound when idling in neutral with the clutch out. I take it to the local dealer, drop it off, and wait for the call. The next day, they say that my "abusive driving habits" had destroyed the synchros and clutch...along with a bent shift fork and the main input shaft was bent .032 inch...and my 100k mile warranty was not going to cover it. I basically called BS on the driving habits...hell, my shitty bridgestone's still had almost 95 percent tread left. If I was abusing it, the fronts would be far more worn. Long story short, I had to pay out of pocket almost 2300 bucks and still didn't have my car for six weeks.

    It did the same thing after about 70k...and I took it to another dealer an hour away. I sat for 30 minutes and they said "We've ordered you a whole new trans. Whoever did the work last time completely messed up. Hell, they even put a starter bolt in the bellhousing." Everything was covered by warranty. Only had to cover the shop fees and fluid disposal fees...60 bucks. But just my luck...this dealership went out of business about four months later. I guess Mitsu dosen't like their techs approving warranty work for faulty OEM parts.

    Anyways...I don't like dealerships. At all. They are either super kick ass....or dumbass pricks that think they know everything.
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    Yeah tell me about it some dealers are great and others suck really bad giving the car brand a bad named. I worked for a local dealer and the service manger was a great guy and would pass everything he could for people for warrenty to keep the person happy. Thats why when they need something paid out of pocket they would come back. All the local kids with mods would come and ask for me because i would help them make sure the part wouldnt void the warrenty if they needed work done. A kid kept buring his maf sensor out with a cheap ebay intake. I got 3 of them covered lol now i know how that dealer is so its very unlikely ill ever go back. If you cant figure out something that simple how can i trust you to do real work. Thats why i always do it my self.
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    This is why I never go to dealerships. Sure some ppl are good but I hear a lot of bad shit abouth them. Do my own work on my own car.

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    The only thing that sucks about that is when you have a warranty and if you don't follow up on service it voids it...