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    In the owners manual there is a single foot not devoted to the AWC system. It states that there are 3 different settings: Tarmac (for reg driving on clean roads) Gravel (for driving on gravel or wet roads) and Snow (for driving on snowy and icy roads)

    Now I understand that completely by my question is what do these different settings actually do to my drive system?

    I thought this would be explained in detail in the owners manual since the topic does carry some significant importance to safety but i was shocked when there was just a single foot note to read yet there are 25 pages devoted to the stupid fast-key! :\

    Thanx in advance for your answers...btw this a great site!B)
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    answer found here. Same for 2nd gen ralliart and 9th and 10th gen evo's.

    I apologize that our site does not have the technical info you are looking for. So I did the next best thing and diverted you to the forum that best answers your question.