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    ^^i got the belkins. sh!t sucked. so i guess they both suck. ahah
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    ^ lol figures i had the FM transmitter from apple itself...was terrible half the time id have to put my ipod in the back next to the back windshield for it to work lol
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    ^WTF?!?! Ah, if it works.
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    The big thing to keep in mind when you are looking at a FM transmitter is that your little transmitter is trying to send a signal to your cars antenna which is simultaneously picking up other air wave signals. Radio stations have broadcast towers that put out insane amount of Kilowatts of power to transmit several miles. Because of the amount of power each radio station puts out, it is not uncommon for a radio station that uses say 94.5 FM to overlap to 94.4, 94.3, 94.6, and 94.7. If you set the FM transmitter to any of the channels that one of the big radio stations uses, it will cause the unit to have static and or interference.

    Also, you are taking a digital signal from an iPod/MP3 and turning it into a analog radio frequency, transmitting it to your car's radio, and then the radio re-calibrates the signal back to digital to play through your speakers. Each of those changes affect sound quality. That is why even if the FM Transmitter is clear and clean, the music will only be as good as the best radio quality.

    I agree that an aux jack and cord is the best. I would personally take it by the local audio shop be that a Best Buy or a Mom & Pop privately owned shop. Let them pop the radio out real quick and give you your options based off whatever connections are shown/available. As always, if you are comfortable dealing with the electronics/radio of your car, then you can pop the radio out and check it your self. Just make sure you know the connection you are looking for. Factory radios are notorious for being either mislabeled or not labeled at all.

    Best of Luck.

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    bras_33 Well-Known Member should make the resident electronics person/guy. Another helpful tip...keep them coming!!!!!
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    By the way, forgot to post one other thing about the aux cord. At Best Buy, depending on the talent and training of the installers in the Mobile section, we can generally take the port reserved for the input from a satellite radio signal and with a few parts and wiring turn it into an auxiliary port. So, for those who have that ability in your Lancer and who do not want to use the available satellite radio, you can have them check it. I know that we have a guy called Sammy in our store who is like the God of Mobile electronic installs. He can usually splice wires here and there and make anything work. I have been told that depending on the parts needed and the difficulty of the job (difficulty equating to time spent setting the hard wire harness up) prices can range from around $75 to $150. It is still a bit expensive, but beats the dealers $220 or up offering for the same service. Plus, you get an installer who has done nothing but electronics and radio wiring for a job rather than bob who spent the morning trying to do as many O-L-F as management could make him do.

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    Thanks and your welcome to Bras_33 and others on LT as well.

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    ^ I may have to take the 2 day drive to texas for you too hook up my system, Bill :thumbup:
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    Lol, sure if you want. It's hotter than hell out here right now though so bring shorts and a T-shirt. Got an extra bed anyway. Funny part about this is I am only 20 and still go to Community College (amazing what you learn on the street in the real world). But yeah, our genius Sammy can f*n jerry rig and wire just about anything for anyone. If there isn't a direct kit, he can come up with his own and have the work done normally in like 2 hours if he has the parts. He is definitely the shit. If you want an example, Sammy just finished a few days ago building a custom box with 2 Rockford Fosgate 6 1/2" speakers attached to the new Alpine Complete MP3 system Deck (not sure the model numbers) that allows for the Wireless Department to demo FM transmitters and a hardwire connection so that customers can hear the difference instead of reallying on what we say and visualizing it. The best part about it is the whole setup that is in my wireless department runs off a 350w computer power supply that he spliced and hardwired for the task. F*n amazing and sweet all at the same time!

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    Ok. Question. It has probaly already been asked but I cannot find anything in the searching. I have a GTS CVT without sun/sound. I want to get Sirius radio. I know we get 6 months free for buying the car, but I don't want to just throw a unit up there on the dash because I think that would look out of place. I was wondering if I could just buy one of the units from Sirius that are for units that are "Sirius ready" and if my head unit is ready for that or do I need to go through the trouble of hooking up an AUX line? Any input would be appriciated. Thanks!
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    When it comes to installed Sirius or XM, it heavily depends on the current setup. If the car already has the "audio in" jacks, you can have it wired in professionally, which would include nicely concealing the wire. You can also run a portable unit, but the portable unit will still need to be connected some how to the main system through an "audio in" jack in the back of the head unit deck. The advantage of the small portable units is that the antenna is built in, meaning there is no wire/antenna to find a place to install on the car. Also, it means you can freely take the receiver with you and use it in the house or other places outside the car.

    I believe this answers your question. If not, please rephrase a little better exactly what you want to do and I will tell you, after investigating, if it is possible and what you would be looking at.

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    ...the more you know. Thanks for that bit of info.
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    We may be getting a new Lancer in our install bay next week for a complete iPod hard wire harness install. If so, I will try to bring a camera and take pics of the process as Sammy works his magic. I will also try to write down a step by step guide with him. If the Lancer isn't used, I will keep my eye out for one. Surprisingly, for Houston, TX having 7 million residents or so, I have yet to see one of the new Lancers on the road :( . Maybe I will have to be the first come this spring. My big concern right now is Hurrican Dean though...