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  1. BlueDevilLancer

    BlueDevilLancer Well-Known Member

    Nominate yourself or someone who you feel should be ROTM. Make sure you have a progress report for your ride so others can view your work and that the first pic is the one you want to use. Also, please provide the link to your progress thread when you submit your name.

    Nominations will end promptly at midnight on sunday/monday 25/26.

    1. squid267
    2. lancer2quick
    3. Sinestra

    All names are final
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  2. 1slowlance

    1slowlance Well-Known Member

    Can we nominate non-Lancers? Lol.
  3. timschoeliertm

    timschoeliertm Well-Known Member

    lancer2quick im to lazy to get his thread haha
  4. squid267

    squid267 Well-Known Member

  5. Sinestra

    Sinestra Well-Known Member

  6. JDMhammer

    JDMhammer Well-Known Member

    shaun... wise ass....
  7. Sinestra

    Sinestra Well-Known Member

    As popeye said iam what iam lmao
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